Sustainable House Day 2021

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Learn from the people who design, build and live in Australia's most sustainable homes with these 8 Expert Session webinars. Randwick City Council is supporting Sustainable House Day 2021.

This year, Sustainable House Day has expanded into a month-long event, featuring four themed weeks of webinars with experts and homeowners as well as a program of free online events on October 17. In addition, community partners around the country (such as Randwick) will be hosting their own in person and online events during this period.

Expert Sessions

1. Designing for Sustainability - Tue 21st Sep, 6:00 pm

Hear from architects and designers with decades of experience in designing sustainable homes, as well as a selection of homeowners sharing first-hand experience of working through the sustainable design process.

2. Working with Sustainable Builders - Thu 23rd Sep, 6:00 pm

Hear from builders and experts on how to have the best experience building or retrofitting a sustainable home, as well as a selection of homeowners with lived experience.

3. Going All-Electric - Tue 28th Sep, 6:00 pm

It’s time to switch our homes and lifestyles to using energy that can be generated with renewables—and that means ditching gas. In this session hear presentations by experts on building science, energy efficiency and more, as well as homeowners who have gone all-electric.

4. Insulation and Energy Efficiency - Thu 30th Sep, 6:00 pm

If you’re trying to lower your home’s bills and carbon footprint, insulation is one of the best places to start. Hear presentations by academics and industry experts on how to make your home more efficient, as well as homeowners sharing methods they have used.

5. Building with Natural Materials - Tue 5th Oct, 6:00 pm

Natural materials can be used to increase your home’s thermal efficiency and lower its carbon footprint, without harmful chemicals. In this Expert Session you’ll hear from industry experts on using materials like strawbale, rammed earth and hempcrete, as well as hearing lived experience from homeowners.

6. All About Windows - Thu 7th Oct, 6:00 pm

Used strategically, windows can improve your build, but the wrong windows may undermine your home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance. Hear presentations by industry experts on getting your window selection right, and things to watch out for, as well as homeowners with lived experience.

7.  Using Water Sustainably - Tue 12th Oct, 6:00 pm

As our climate changes, using water responsibly is more important than ever. There are many ways to reduce your water use at home, including harvesting and storing water on your property. Hear from homeowners and experts on strategies for using water sustainably.

8. Sustainable Heating and Cooling - Thu 14th Oct, 6:00 pm

Hear presentations by experts on how to reduce your need for active heating and cooling, whether you live in the tropics or Tasmania, as well as homeowners with lived experience.

Tickets are $10. Visit Sustainable House Day for the full program and bookings.

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