Eco Living Festival 2021 tackles Climate Change with free, online sustainability events with experts like Dr Karl

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Climate Change Explained is the theme for the final week of the Eco Living Festival with FREE live interactive sustainability events online to encourage participants around Australia to feel confident to create sustainable lifestyles and make choices that protect our environment.

The Eco Living Festival, presented by Randwick City Council, will bring together Australia’s top sustainability experts, including Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Author and ABC catalyst presenter Dr Jonica Newby and Cardiologist Dr Fiona Foo to explore a range of hot sustainability questions in a COVID-safe way.

The Eco Living Festival will tackle some of the big questions facing us now and offer insights as to how we might move forward leading up to COP 26. Is there a truth on climate change? Come away with some key actions to change the world (and a few to save money off your bills)!

“The Eco Living Festival is an empowering and engaging way for people to learn about sustainability and find the various ways they can make a difference,” explained new Randwick Mayor Dylan Parker.

“While some people have headed out of lockdown, this is still an exciting opportunity for the community to participate in live, informative, interactive experiences. It is accessible for everyone around Australia.

“It’s a chance to connect with each other and inspire change. Whether it’s through small lifestyle changes or by taking larger actions that benefit the community as well as the planet, there are a number of ways that kids and adults can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

There’s something for everyone with live workshops, talks, tours and movies in the final week.

The Eco Living Festival is fun for all the family and celebrates all that is green and sustainable.

Topics will address questions such as;

The final week explores climate change leading up to the UN climate talks in Glasgow, COP 26 (end of October) and how Australia can be a leader, starting with how to be carbon neutral. There will be talks on how to have positive climate change conversations and the impact that climate change has on our emotions and our health. There are also events to save money and energy with electric vehicles and solar roofing.

The Eco Film Club allows people to also rent free online documentaries thanks to Ritz Cinema including 2040, Honeyland and “I Am Greta” about climate change champion, Greta Thunberg.

Then you can join a discussion inspired by ‘I Am Greta’ with a youth panel from UNSW Environment Collective about the positive actions youth are taking on climate change, share ideas on practical solutions and personal insights. Discover local initiatives and earth-friendly actions you can take to make a difference. It’s a great opportunity to gain more understanding of young people’s influence and impact on our future and the future of the Planet in the lead up to COP26.

It’s time to Take Action and Join in. Book now!  Visit for the full program. Presented by Randwick City Council.


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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl wrote his first story on climate change in 1981. By 2020, Australia had burnt 20% of its forests and Sydney was the hottest place on Earth for one day (4 January, 2020), and redistribution of water by melting ice turning into liquid water had tipped the Earth off its axis.

“But the good news is that we can stop, and in fact, reverse both rising CO2 levels and climate change – and reverse them back to what we had in the 20th Century. Even better, we can do this with the science and technology that we have today. Yes, we will invent better technology along the way, but today’s technology is enough to get us started. And we can do most of it within 15 years. Come along to my free online event at the Eco Living Festival and see what we can do to fix this,” said Dr Karl.

Dr Jonica Newby

Award winning science reporter, former Catalyst ABC TV presenter, and author of Beyond Climate Grief: a journey of love, snow, fire and an enchanted beer can.

“We have entered an extraordinary decade – of disruption, renewal and possibility.  With the climate crisis now right in our faces - and backyards - we can no longer look away.  Our landscapes are changing rapidly, but so is our society.  And all of this is driven by the urgent need to respond rapidly, creatively and emotionally to the climate crisis.  And when I say climate crisis, what I’m really talking about is the natural world which we are part of, which so many of us took for granted until recently, and which we now realise is calling out for us to save it, and ourselves in the process.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to be part of this year’s eco-living festival - a forum where we can all be delighted by nature, connect with it more richly, learn what we can do personally to protect it, and imagine and create the future we want. I will discuss something really important which is often overlooked – how we respond emotionally to our new climate realities. How do we find courage when climate change overwhelms?  Drawing on my own personal experience of deep depression and climate grief, I will share what I learned on a three-year journey of discovery and personal renewal. What should parents tell their anxious kids?  How do we all live our best lives under the weight of this fearsome knowledge? With practical tips, psychological insights and moving personal stories, my talk ultimately charts a path beyond climate grief toward pride, joy, courage and active hope.”

Dr Fiona Foo – Cardiologist

“Climate change, through its association with extreme weather events and air pollution, increases cardiovascular (CVD) mortality and morbidity. Air pollution is the 4th highest modifiable CVD risk factor (after high blood pressure, dietary risks and high cholesterol). WHO estimates up to 9 million deaths are attributable to outdoor pollution alone. More than half of these deaths were due to CVD, including heart attacks and strokes. Heat is also the greatest weather related cause of death, and the no. 1 cause of death during heatwaves is from a cardiovascular event. Extreme heat/heatwaves increases all CVD deaths, heart attacks, CVD hospitalisations; and out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). 

In my Eco-Living talk, ‘How climate change impacts your heart health, I will talk about how extreme heat/heatwaves and air pollution (including bushfire smoke) increases Cardiovascular disease; and how you can reduce your risk acutely in extreme heat, and on high air pollution days. I will also discuss the cardiac co-benefits of climate change mitigation and what you can do for the health of both your heart and our planet.”

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