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Air conditioning, large refrigerators, computers, hot water, and lighting are just some of the appliances that cause small businesses to have large energy bills.

Fortunately, there are financial rebates and subsidies available from Randwick City Council and the State and Federal Government to assist small businesses purchase energy efficient products and services.

These programs can be quite confusing, so if you're looking for what to do first, we have included suggested first steps further down!

Local Government Rebates

As part of Randwick's Community Sustainable investment stream, small businesses2 in Randwick can access up to $2,000 in sustainability rebates for purchasing energy assessments, insulation, hot water systems, efficient lighting, rooftop solar and more. To access these rebates, simply check the details in the fact sheets for each sustainable product, purchase an eligible product, and then submit your application form. The fact sheets and application form can be found on the Community Sustainable page. If you would like to request an obligation-free quote for an energy saving product, visit the Australian Energy Foundation.

NSW Government Rebates

The NSW Energy Saver program provides significant subsidies for businesses to install efficient lighting, heating, refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, motors, fans, pumps and much more. The commercial refrigeration rebate (which provides a rebate of up to $1,490 per fridge) and the LED subsidy (for replacing halogen downlights and fluorescent lights) may be very helpful for local stores and cafes. Visit the NSW Energy Saver website for more information.

Federal Government Programs

If your business has between 6-20 employees, you qualify for a FREE one-on-one consultation with an independent business expert as part of the Business Energy Advice Program. These experts understand the specific energy needs of your industry and can advise on potential energy-saving opportunities. After your consultation you will receive a free report tailored to your business. The report suggests ways to make the most of the latest technology and best practice so that you can make changes to your business when it suits you.

Where do I start?

  1. If your business has between 6-20 employees, register for a FREE one-on-one consultation via the Business Energy Advice Program.
  2. If you already know what you want to upgrade in your business, check out Randwick Council's rebates and the NSW Government's rebates to see if you can access these for your purchase.
  3. If you feel that your business is already very efficient but you would like to find a cheaper energy provider, check out the Energy Made Easy website to independently compare energy providers.
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