Illuminated sculpture remains at Randwick Environment Park

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Nostalgia Above

A little piece of the NOX Night Sculpture Walk has remained at the Randwick Environment Park and can be viewed nightly from 4pm for the next few months, bringing colour and light to winter nights.

Nostalgia Above, an illuminated cloud-like structure that cycles between bright whites, dark purples, light pinks and the colours of the rainbow, can be found hanging overhead in the old navy stores near the Dooligah entrance of the park.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to share this remarkable piece with our community,” stated Randwick Mayor Danny Said. “It’s a beautiful piece, I love it. Keeping this sculpture in place strengthens the connection between our people and the places they share. It becomes a focal point for the area and enriches community health, happiness, and wellbeing.

“Over the coming year we’ll be looking for more ways that we can transform various public spaces around Randwick City, so keep your eyes peeled for more projects that aim to elevate and enliven our area.”

Artist Lawrence Liang, who was part of the team that designed and produced Nostalgia Above, said it drew a parallel between weather and emotions. “The sculpture utilises weather patterns - storm, rainbow and sunshine – to represent human emotions and mental health, it symbolises brighter days around the corner.”

Nostalgia Above 2

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