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In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, construction has been paused.

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, all non-essential construction work has been paused, under the Public Health Order. The new rule states that the only reason construction may continue to take place is to address the following:

Due to these restrictions, we have had to stop a lot of our current projects. You may see many of our construction sites fenced up and paused until we’re permitted to continue. Here’s an update on where we stand with the main projects taking place in our LGA right now:

Pioneers Park
At Pioneers Park we’re installing a new synthetic field and a new turf field. The work was close to completion and was due to be completed this week. Remaining work includes the installation of the goal posts, additional turf field drainage measures and the completion of the synthetic field, however all work has now ceased.

La Perouse GPT
In La Perouse, we’ve been installing an underground gross pollutant trap (GPT), which will catch sediment and larger pollution items and prevent them from flowing into Frenchman’s bay. Work was about halfway through – the GPT has been dropped into place and has been back-filled, however various connections and control gear has yet to be completed. Fences remain up and a pedestrian walkway is in place. Work will begin again when permitted.

Randwick Environment Park Boardwalk
The site was established last week with perimeter fencing installed. As of yet, no on-site activities have commenced. Procurement activities for the boardwalk materials are currently underway. Construction has been put on hold. Access via the western edge walkway is not available during the delivery of the project.

Bundock and Kokoda Playground
Looking ahead, we were due to commence work on two playgrounds, Bundock in Clovelly and Kokoda in Kingsford. Kokoda Playground was due to start Tuesday 27 July and Bundock Playground was scheduled for the first week of August. These dates will need to be reassessed based on restrictions lifting and contractors availabilities.

Coogee Beach balustrade
All of the work in relation to the Coogee balustrade is taking place off site in the fabricators warehouse and at this stage was not ready to be installed on site at the beach. The area remains secure and safe until installation is ready and permitted.

Nursery Capital works
At our Council nursery we are completing ground resurfacing. The inground irrigation has been installed and preparatory works for asphalting has been completed. The site is currently closed and secure with work to continue once restrictions are lifted.

Clovelly Beach fencing
At Clovelly Beach, along the southern promenade, we have been working to replace 300m of old fencing with a more durable solution for the future. While carrying out the installation of the fence it was identified that another 100m of fencing along the coastal walk also needs replacement. We have stopped work and secured the site until construction is permitted.

McIver’s Ladies Baths
We’ve been working on upgrading some of the areas around McIver’s Ladies Baths, including the changeroom/shower area, concrete stairs down to pool deck, pool deck perimeter safety bollards/chain, outdoor showers, handrails and more. The baths have been closed while we’ve been working on this project. The site has been shut down and secured until the Public Health Order permits work to take place.

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