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If your home has a swimming pool, then it's likely that your pool pump is a significant contributor to your high energy bills.  

Residential pools account for up to 30% of a household’s total energy consumption, making them one of the largest energy consumers in the home. On average, the typical residential pool filtering system alone will consume over 2,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year and add around $500 to your annual energy bill.2

However, according to a recent report prepared by UNSW in partnership with Randwick Council, you can reduce your pool pumps energy use by 70% and save more than $400 on your annual energy bills. Better yet, you can also reduce your pool pump noise by over 80%.

How? By replacing your conventional single-speed pool pump with an efficient variable-speed pool pump or by installing a pool pump controller (which is a plug-in device that makes your single-speed pump run like a variable-speed pump).

To help accelerate the uptake of efficient pool pumps and pool pump controllers, Randwick Council is offering a rebate of $250 for their installations in the Randwick local government area. These rebates are offered as part of Community Sustainable, a program that supports houses, units and businesses to implement energy and water saving initiatives.

Pool Pump Rebate

pool pump

Randwick Council is providing a rebate of $250 for installing efficient pool pumps and pool pump controllers in in houses, units1 and businesses in the Randwick Local Government Area.

Eligibility Criteria: Pool Pump Rebate Fact Sheet

Visit Community Sustainable to apply!

1 Units refers to all types of multi-unit dwellings such as apartments and townhouses.

2 RP1014u1: Final Report: Energy efficient swimming pools – Engagement and utilization:

Visit Community Sustainable for a full copy of terms and conditions.

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