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If your home has a swimming pool, then it's likely that your pool pump is a significant contributor to your high energy bills.  

Residential pools account for up to 30% of a household’s total energy consumption, making them one of the largest energy consumers in the home. On average, the typical residential pool filtering system alone will consume over 2,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year and add around $500 to your annual energy bill.3

However, according to a recent report prepared by UNSW in partnership with Randwick Council, you can reduce your pool pumps energy use by 70% and save more than $400 on your annual energy bills. Better yet, you can also reduce your pool pump noise by over 80%.

How? By replacing your conventional single-speed pool pump with an efficient variable-speed pool pump or by installing a pool pump controller (which is a plug-in device that makes your single-speed pump run like a variable-speed pump).

To help accelerate the uptake of efficient pool pumps and pool pump controllers, Randwick Council is offering a rebate of $250 for their installations in the Randwick local government area. These rebates are offered as part of Community Sustainable, a program that supports houses, units and businesses to implement energy and water saving initiatives.

Pool Pump Rebate

pool pump

Randwick Council is providing a rebate of $250 for installing efficient pool pumps and pool pump controllers in in houses, units1 and businesses2 in the Randwick Local Government Area.

Eligibility Criteria

Quotes must be attached to Eligibility Forms. You can request a quote from any reputable pool pump provider. Council recommends requesting minimum two quotes.

Sustainability Rebates

What other rebates are available?

Council is providing rebates for energy assessments, hot water systems, insulation, lighting, pool pumps, rainwater tanks, rooftop solar, solar batteries, solar health checks and WaterFix®.

See our Sustainable Products page for more information about each rebate.

Who can apply for Sustainability Rebates?

Houses, units1 and businesses 2 located within the Randwick local government area are eligible to apply for Sustainability Rebates.

What is the maximum Sustainability Rebate?

Properties in Randwick can receive up to the following rebate amounts each financial year:

What is the application process?

The Sustainability Rebates application process involves four key steps:

  1. Submit an Eligibility Form
    Ensure that your sustainable product matches the eligibility criteria (see Sustainable Products) and that a quote is  attached which is dated after 11 November 2020.
  2. Purchase your Sustainable Product
    If your Eligibility Form is approved by Council, you can then purchase your sustainable product.
  3. Submit a Proof of Purchase Form
    Once your sustainable product has been purchased, submit the Proof of Purchase form and attach: a post- installation photo (if applicable) and a copy of the invoice from your sustainable product provider.
  4. Receive your Sustainability Rebate
    If your Proof of Purchase form is approved by Council, you will receive your Sustainability Rebate via electronic bank transfer.

Visit our Application Process page for more information. Quotes must be attached to Eligibility Forms. Council recommends requesting minimum two quotes.

Apply Now

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Free Energy Consultations

Need some extra advice about solar or energy saving? The Australian Energy Foundation are offering free 20-minute energy consultations to Randwick City Council residents via phone, to help you with energy advice on a wide range of topics, including solar, insulation, hot water systems and more. To book your free consultation, click the button below or call the AEF on 1300 236 855.

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Further Information

If you have an enquiry about Sustainability Rebates, click the 'Request a Callback' button below and a Council Sustainability officer will call you back at your preferred time.

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See our Community Sustainable Guidelines for a full copy of terms and conditions.

For other program enquiries please email

1 Units refers to all types of multi-unit dwellings such as apartments and townhouses.

2 Applies to businesses which use less than 275 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day only.

3 RP1014u1: Final Report: Energy efficient swimming pools – Engagement and utilization:

Visit Community Sustainable for a full copy of terms and conditions.

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