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Saturday 4 December 2021 is local election day!

This Saturday 4 December is local government election day! Your vote helps elect our local Councillors who help make decisions about the running of Randwick City. Here's what you need to know about voting this year.

1) Early voting is now open!
If you want to miss the crowds on Saturday, you can vote early now in any of the four early voting locations in Randwick City, between 9am - 5pm. If you're voting early you can vote in any ward, however on Saturday 4 Dec, you'll need to vote in your own ward.  Early voting locations are:

2) Online voting is available
You can use iVote to cast your vote if you're going to be out of your area or if you meet certain criteria. The process is relatively simple and you'll be provided with a voting number via SMS or email, which you will need to cast your vote. Here's where you can learn more about the process.

3) COVID rules apply
Whether you vote early or on the day, please remember that COVID safety rules will apply. Social distancing, mask wearing and limiting the number of people inside will be part of the process. Additionally, there will be no sausage sizzles and no pamphlets will be handed out at the voting locations. If you have questions about a particular candidate, representatives from each party will be on-hand to answer them. Also due to COVID, pens may not be available, so please take your own black pen.

4) Know who to vote for
Not sure who is running in your area? You can find out which candidates are running in your ward and read up on what they support by using this link.

5) Voting on Saturday 4 December - find out where
If you're voting on Saturday, you'll need to vote within your ward. More locations will be open that day - use this link to find out where you can show up and vote.

Have more questions? The NSW Electoral Commission website can be found here.

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