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Do you have an inefficient showerhead or a leaking tap or toilet? Are your hot water showers driving up your water and energy bills?  

Randwick Council is supporting Sydney Water's WaterFix® Residential program, which is offering free 4-star showerhead replacements and free minor leak repairs until 31 December 2020.

By replacing a 3-star rated showerhead with a 4-star rated showerhead, the average home could save up to $300 per year in combined energy and water bills, and up to 30,000 litres per year in water use3. These high savings are because hot water heaters are commonly the largest source of energy use in the home. By installing an efficient showerhead, you significantly reduce your hot water demand, which also reduces your energy use.

Through the WaterFix® program, you can access the following for a call out fee of only $33:

You can select your preferred model of taps, showerheads and toilets by visiting the WaterFix® Residential website.

How do you book a WaterFix® appointment and what does it include?

To book, visit the WaterFix® Residential website or call WaterFix® on 1800 807 475.

Once you book a WaterFix® appointment, a licenced plumber will check your home for leaking taps and fittings, tell you about any repair work needed and suggest water efficient devices, and do any repair work you agree to.

Who is eligible for WaterFix®?

If you own any residential property connected to a Sydney Water water main, you’re eligible for WaterFix®! This includes strata units, villas and townhouses.

Sydney Water also offers WaterFix® Strata for apartment buildings looking to reduce water consumption, and WaterFix® Concealed Leaks which helps identify leaks that are hard to find.

How is Randwick Council supporting the WaterFix® program?

The WaterFix® program subsidises many water saving products and services, some of which still incur a small fee (such as for toilet and basin tap replacements). Randwick Council is providing a WaterFix® rebate of $100 for any WaterFix® purchase as part of our Sustainability Rebates2.

How do you pay for WaterFix®?

If there is a fee for your chosen WaterFix® service, the charge will simply be added to your Sydney Water bill.

WaterFix® Rebate


Randwick Council is providing a rebate of $100 for WaterFix® installations and repairs in houses and units1 in the Randwick Local Government Area.

WaterFix® is an initiative of Sydney Water to provide subsidised replacements of inefficient taps, showerheads, toilets and leak repairs. Visit WaterFix® or call 1800 807 475 to make an appointment.

Eligibility Criteria: Waterfix Rebate Fact Sheet

Visit Community Sustainable to apply!

1 Units refers to all types of multi-unit dwellings such as apartments and townhouses.

2 The WaterFix® rebate is $100 or equal to the cost of the WaterFix® purchase if this is less than $100. 


Visit Community Sustainable for a full copy of terms and conditions.

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