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Do you have a parking space that you could lend to a healthcare worker?

In light of the COVID-19 crisis and increasing demands on hospital and staff around the nation, a start-up company has launched a community campaign that allows residents and businesses to make their parking space available to healthcare workers.

Share with Oscar is an Aussie start-up founded in 2017 by two female entrepreneurs, Lisa and Louise, who are passionate about smarter and more sustainable solutions to our growing urban cities.

After hearing about healthcare workers battling to find a park during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Lisa and Louise realised they could help.

“We know these are tough times for everyone, but to think that parking or safely commuting to work is a concern for healthcare workers at this time, is unacceptable. We realised that this was something that we could help with. We had the technology and put our faith in the goodness of the community to share their parking space for free,” says Lisa.

And faith in the Randwick City community we have! Many households and businesses have already offered their parking spaces for Prince of Wales healthcare workers via Share with Oscar.

Share with Oscar

For Lisa and Louise, the most rewarding part of the initiative has been reading the reviews posted to their website from grateful healthcare workers. You can read these here.

If you live within walking distance of a hospital and have a vacant parking space, driveway, garage, carport, or even a front lawn, please make it available for our healthcare providers to park during these challenging times. Click here if you are a household or business wanting to offer your parking space. Click here if you are a healthcare worker who needs a parking space.

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