Remediation works underway at Purcell Park, Matraville

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Purcell Park

Works to remediate soil-based asbestos and install a new stormwater harvesting and irrigation system have commenced at Purcell Park in Matraville, which will be closed until December 2020.

In urban areas, parklands sometimes contain contaminants within the soil such as asbestos, due to previous practices.  The contamination is suspected to be due to previous use such as illegal dumping or contaminated soil being used as fill at some point in the park’s history.

Where parklands are known to contain asbestos within the soil, they pose no risk to the public while the material is located within the soil and capped with vegetation or healthy grass.

Randwick Council has been managing the park under an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) developed in accordance with advice from environmental hygienists, which includes regular monitoring of the site and development of a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) to provide a long term solution for the park.

The RAP, which is currently being implemented, involves the installation of capping, including 150mm of imported clean soil and new grass across the entirety of the park. The installation of the stormwater harvesting system will ensure that there is a long-term, sustainable water supply to maintain healthy grass growth year-round to act as a suppression layer. This system will recycle stormwater as well as bore water from the nearby Opal paper mill.

Strict environmental controls are in place during the remediation works to mitigate impact on the surrounding area. This will include air monitoring as well as noise, erosion and dust control measures.

There will be no access to the park and playground for the duration of the project. There will be no alteration to the playground, pathway or number of trees on site. The trees will be protected throughout the project.

The land that Purcell Park sits on is owned by three owners – AUSGRID, Opal and Randwick Council. Randwick Council leases the site under a long-term lease for use as a public park.

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