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Engaging kids in environmental messaging is so important and never done better than by Adam Axford – mentalist, environmentalist, magician and wordsmith. Adam will be presenting his, ‘Sustainability is Magic – Interactive Eco-Magic & Mentalism’ show via Zoom as part of Eco Living Online.

With 12 years of international experience and thousands of shows under his belt, Adam’s contagious energy, sophisticated style and sharp-witted delivery place him amongst the highest calibre of entertainers.

His magic is fully interactive, refined to perfection and entrenched in meaning. Adam’s values shine through his work, inspiring others with ideas of sustainability and human connection.

“If you Zoom into one of my shows and you have your camera on, I may ask you to help,” says Adam, whose 30-minute interactive show will take place twice across the weekend of 18-20 September.

“My show inspires us all to think differently about sustainability and recycling, reminding us that we can be part of the greatest magic trick of all time - saving the planet,” says Adam, who hopes that the kids who Zoom into the show will take away with them some new perspectives on a huge issue.

For Adam, sharing his passion of magic to inspire positive change means his job as a magician has more purpose.

Sound like fun? Sign your kids up for one of two workshops taking place on Friday 18 September from 4:30-5pm or Sunday 20 September from 1:30-2pm. Here’s the link to register! 

Want to get involved in some of the other great workshops we've got going over the course of the weekend? There's so much to choose from. Have a look at the program and sign up to be part of it.

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