10 ways to have fun at home this Easter long weekend

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It’s not the Easter long weekend we’re all used to. There will be no fun getaways and no get-togethers with friends and family. Instead, we’re all being asked to stay at home so we can stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). As simple as it sounds, it’s an important job we’re being asked to do. Watching the virus spread in other countries has given us the opportunity to make the right choices so we can protect our community. Staying at home might not seem like the most fun way to spend a long weekend, so we’ve created 10 ways for you to have fun at home this Easter.

  1. Create a Randwick-based at-home egg hunt.
    If there is ever a year to create your own at-home egg hunt, this is it! Celebrate your suburb by using it to help hide the eggs. Use a word – like Coogee, Randwick, Matraville or La Perouse – and hide an egg in a place that begins with each letter of the suburb. Egg hunters can use the word to help guide their searching.  I.e. – C (cupboard); O (oven); O (outside); G (glasses); (E) eggs; (E) earrings. Have fun!
  2. Get writing
    If you’ve got school kids in the house, the long weekend might be the perfect time for them get started on a submission for the Lionel Bowen Young Writers’ Award. This year’s theme is ‘A City of Tomorrow’ and the competition is open for children from Year 3 to 12. Here's where you can learn more.
  3. Do some colouring in and win a prize!
    We’ve created these special Easter colouring-in pages for kids. After you’ve finished, post them on social media and tag Randwick City Council so we can share it with our followers. Twenty lucky kids will win one of our Randwick City Council toy garbage trucks!
  4. Get your digital membership sorted!
    Our library offers a lot of digital services and it’s really simple to take advantage of them. Once a member, you can download movies, books, magazines and more. Here’s where you can get started. 
  5. Get moving with the DRLC staff!
    Our DRLC staff have been doing Facebook live classes at 9:30am each morning, which anyone can follow along with. (No need to be a member, just follow DRLC on Facebook.) And if you can’t get there at 9:30am, the classes stay up after they’ve been filmed so you can follow along any time. Here's a link to Sam's HIIT class, which took place on Tuesday.
  6. Support your locals.
    Since we’re all staying in this Easter long weekend, why not look to support a local business and order dinner to be delivered? Many local restaurants have changed their services and are now cooking meals for takeaway. Might be a good way to take treat yourself, while helping the local economy.
  7. Get dressed up to take your garbage out.
    We saw this trend happening in other places and it looks like a lot of fun. Why not amuse your neighbours and get dressed up to put the bins out!
  8. Do some planning for future you.As part of their COVID-19 relief fund, TAFE is now offering a wide range of fee-free online courses. From perfecting your Excel skills, to business admin and pharmaceutical knowledge, the courses might be just what you need if you’re looking to take your career in a different direction.
  9. Say hi to an older relative.The Easter long weekend is a good opportunity to check in on an older relative. Anyone who is staying at home on their own, but especially the elderly, might need a help with some supplies or could just need a chat. You can also use our Community Care cards to link up with neighbours in your area.
  10. Take it easy. It’s been a stressful time and not being able to reach out to some of your loved-ones in person can make it even harder. Go easy on yourself and use the time to put your feet up and relax. Enjoy your four days off!
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