Have your electrical cables been recalled?

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If you’ve had building work done or wiring changed or installed in your home in the last six years, contact your builder or electrician and ask them what cable they used.

Fair Trading has advised about a NSW mandatory recall and have recently extended the recall to a further 25 additional traders. If an Infinity or Oslent branded cable has been used in your home or business, talk to your builder or electrician about whether the cable needs replacing. These cables fail to meet the mandatory electrical safety standards due to poor quality insulation and they are part of a mandatory recall.

Testing found the insulation on the ‘TPS’ and ‘orange round’ cables will become brittle prematurely, which may present a safety hazard if the cables are disturbed and the insulation breaks. Cables exposed to prolonged high temperatures will degrade at a faster rate. Once the insulation is brittle, physical contact with the cables could dislodge or crack the insulation and lead to electric shock or possibly fires.

This faulty electrical cabling exists in thousands of Australian homes and businesses. Builders and electricians who installed these cables are responsible for their replacement and could be prosecuted, fined, and held financially liable for property damage, injuries or loss of life.

Contacts for further information:

Here’s more information from Fair Trading:

More information about the recalls of Infinity cables can be found on the ACCC’s website:

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