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The draft Randwick City Night Time Economy Study, which outlines Council’s proposed strategies to support and enhance the after-dark culture of Randwick City for the next decade, is currently on display for public feedback, Randwick Mayor Danny Said announced today.

The Night Time Economy Study is the result of consultation with more than 900 people and suggests relaxing trading hours for small bars, supporting live music and performing arts and making public spaces safer and more attractive after dark. Comments on initiatives and the types of night time offerings people would like to see across the City will be welcomed.

The night time economy generally refers to the mix of business, leisure, social and cultural activities and experiences that take place after 6pm.

“When undertaking this study, Council sought input from a mix of industry leaders and community members with expertise that covers entertainment, art, hospitality, events, retail and urban design,” said Mayor Said.

“Our town and neighbourhood centres have much to benefit from a vibrant night time economy, but we also want to create spaces that feel safe for people to visit at all hours and provide people with a sense of pride in their community.

“The practical initiatives outlined in the draft study will make more of Randwick City’s precincts vibrant, inclusive, safe and fun. It focuses on promoting a diverse offering of activities and experiences, including non-alcohol related activities, which cater for a variety of ages, lifestyles and cultures.

“It will require collaboration between Council, traders, creative industries, workers and residents and other partners to ensure the night time economy of Randwick City develops as an attractive and diverse evening destination.”

The draft Study can be viewed at:

Submissions must be received by 5pm on Sunday 26 January, 2020.

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