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The winner of the K2K Urban Design Competition was announced last night at an awards ceremony at the University of NSW, with JMD, Hill Thalis + Bennett and Trimble chosen as the winning entry by an independent jury panel.

The unique $300,000 ideas competition called on the world’s best architects and planners to envisage ideas for the future of the Kingsford and Kensington town centres with feedback from the community.

The winning entry proposed a number of exciting ideas for the town centres including:

You can download a low-res version of the winning entry PDF, 2895.75 KB.

Mayor of Randwick, Noel D’Souza, said the competition was initiated by Randwick City Council as a first step in developing new planning controls for the area to help the community take back control after a number of unsolicited planning proposals were lodged by developers seeking to drastically increase building heights.

“Kensington and Kingsford are already going through enormous transformation with the introduction of the light rail and it’s important that Council identifies new ways to see how we can better support local residents and businesses for the future.

“The benefit of the competition is that it allowed us to seek ideas from Australia’s best architects and urban planners to help inform our planning controls for Kensington and Kingsford for the years to come.  The public provided feedback into the original brief as well as on the final entries, which has helped us better understand what the community is hoping to see for the area as it grows and develops.

“Council staff will be reviewing the entries carefully and we’ll use the best and most practical concepts to help inform future planning controls, however Council is under no obligation to use all or any of the ideas,” said Mayor D’Souza.

The finalists were judged by an independent jury, with JMD, Hill Thalis + Bennett and Trimble chosen unanimously as the winner for its diverse range of public benefits, including identification of more public spaces as well as considerations regarding the integration of light rail, roads and pedestrian access along Anzac Parade.

All finalist submissions can be viewed online at K2K Urban design Competition.

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