Hooper Cottage

17 Figtree Avenue, Randwick

Known as oldest farmhouse in Randwick, once situated on 15 acres. Built by George Hooper in early 1840s.

This two-storey Georgian residence was built in late 1848 by George Hooper on 15 acres purchased for market gardens and orchards. This land was subdivided in the mid 1880s. The house was built of local sandstone for George Hooper, a prominent member of Randwick Council and Council's auditor during the 1860s.

George Hooper sold a major portion of the property in 1864 and moved to Hawkwood near Esk, Queensland shortly afterwards.

He died in Brisbane on 15th August 1888.

Hooper Cottage has remained the property of George Hooper's descendants until the late 1970s. The house remained unaltered up to this date and the rare insurance plaque on the front wall may still be seen.

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