Organisational structure

How Randwick City Council is structured

Randwick City Council is made up of four business areas: the Office of the General Manager; Governance and Financial Services; City Planning; City Services.

Office of the General Manager

Ray Brownlee, General Manager

  • Communications
  • Corporate Improvement
  • Mayor & General Manager Executive Support

The Office of the General Manager provides communications and community consultation services between Council and the residents and ratepayers of Randwick. The Office of the General Manager also offers corporate planning; internal auditing and knowledge management and online services to the organisation.

Corporate Services

Jeff Smith, Director Corporate Services

  • Administrative Services
  • Business Systems
  • Financial Operations
  • Financial Planning & Performance
  • Human Resources
  • Spatial Systems
  • Technology Systems

Corporate Services is responsible for providing corporate support services for the organisations' internal and external customers. With a strong emphasis on financial sustainability, Corporate Services oversees the development and management of Council's Long Term Financial Plan. From an operational perspective, the Corporate Services directorate looks after information technology, GIS, NAR, human resources, procurement, customer service, corporate governance, property management, insurance, information management, rating, Council's investment portfolio and all other financial services.

City Planning

Sima Truuvert, Director of City Planning

  • Community Development
  • Cultural Events & Venues
  • Development Assessment
  • Health, Building & Regulatory Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainability

City Planning is responsible for the development of a strategic framework for the City covering land-use, social,  transport, recreation, urban design  and environmental management. City Planning undertakes development  assessments and provides regulatory environmental health and building services, waste services, ranger  services and childcare services as well as delivering the innovative environmental levy program,  'Sustaining our City'. City Planning is responsible for developing and implementing a range of community activities. The Council's major community events are also coordinated by this division.

City Services

Jorde Frangoples, Director of City Services

  • Aquatic Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Integrated Transport
  • Library Services
  • Technical Services
  • Waste & Cleaning Services

The City Services Division delivers services related to: civil infrastructure, libraries, plant nursery, waste services, street cleaning, beach lifeguards, gym, public pool  and graffiti removal. Ultimately we aim at being best in customer service, being best in value and being best in our work practices.

Randwick City Council - Organisation chart

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