Light rail

Light rail in Randwick

Current works

The State Government's Transport for NSW is extending light rail from the Sydney CBD to Randwick and Kingsford. Construction commenced  in 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2019.

For the latest construction-related information visit the Sydney Light Rail website

Parking Recovery Plan

The construction of light rail will result in the removal of an estimated 700-750 onstreet parking spaces. These are parking spaces used by local residents and shoppers.

To help reduce the parking loss, Randwick City Council is proposing to change parking in some streets adjacent to the light rail route from parallel to angle parking. This will increase parking supply by up to 50%.

We are consulting local residents and property owners about the changes. 

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Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee (CLRSPC)

The Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee (CLRSPC) is a voluntary committee convened by Randwick City Council comprising resident and business representatives from across Randwick City. The Committee meets regularly to discuss ways Council can assist residents and businesses affected by the construction of light rail. You can view the minutes, reports and details of their discussion on a special website:

Community Light Rail Support Plan Committee website

Support for business

Randwick City Council has engaged Mr Chris Bastic as our Light Rail Business Liaison Officer. Chris is the primary contact with the local business community to mitigate the impact that the light rail construction will have on businesses along the light rail route. He is working with Council to implement business support initiatives to assist businesses during the light rail construction period. Chris can be contacted on 0418 771 552 to visit your business and assist you with your enquiries. 

Randwick Council's position

For a number of years we have advocated for the introduction of high capacity transport such as a light rail system within the City of Randwick.  

In 2003, as a part of the preparation of the Randwick City Plan, Council commissioned a traffic study which among other things recommended a light rail system to Kensington and beyond.

An outcome of Randwick City Plan 2006 was to "advocate and/or plan for integrated local and regional transport improvements including high capacity transport such as light/standard rail". 

This position was further reaffirmed by Council in adopting both 2010 and 2012 City Plan reviews. In December 2012 the NSW Government announced that light rail would come to Randwick. 

The Council has continually expressed its support and appreciation for the light rail project. As such, we have worked co-operatively with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to achieve the best possible outcomes and to ensure the project is seamlessly integrated with the surrounding community. In the spirit of this cooperation Council officers continue to work with TfNSW to resolve any outstanding issues. 

For more information on Sydney Light Rail, please call Transport for NSW on 1800 684 490 or email

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