About the Randwick Recycling Centre

Randwick Recycling Centre

Location and opening hours

The Randwick Council Recycling Centre is located at 72 Perry Street, Matraville. The Recycling Centre is open Monday to Friday 6am to 3pm, Saturday 7am to 2pm and is closed on Sunday and Public Holidays. Please see below for operational hours.

Monday to Friday6am - 3pm
Saturday7am - 2pm
Sunday/Public HolidayClosed

What items do we accept at the centre?

Chemical waste (20kg/ 20L max. for households)

Drop-off your household problem waste for recycling and appropriate disposal.

You can drop off:

  • Fluorescent globes and tubes
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Household and car batteries
  • Motor oil and other oils (cooking, etc)
  • Paints (water, oil and solvent based)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Steel and aluminum aerosol cans

Problem waste- please note only household quantities are accepted 20kg or 20L maximum container size accepted. Small businesses are not permitted to use the service.

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

Excess Yellow Bin Recyclables

Randwick residents can recycle more, by taking any excess yellow bin recyclable material to the Recycling Centre. All items listed below can be dropped off for recycling.

  • Glass bottles and jars (clear, brown and green)
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Steel and aluminium cans

In addition, residents can drop off polystyrene boxes and plastic bags/soft plastics for reprocessing. Note polystyrene and plastic bags/soft plastics cannot be recycled through the yellow lid bin.

Garden organics (Saturdays 7am-2pm and note size limits)

Randwick residents can recycle more, by taking dropping off extra garden material to the Recycling Centre. this service is available only on Saturdays between 7am and 2pm and a limit of 2m3(the same size as a small trailer load) per visit applies.

All items listed below can be dropped of for recycling.

  • Grass clippings
  • Fresh or cut flowers
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Leaf litter
  • Tree prunings
  • Weeds

Please note we DO NOT accept large branches, logs stumps and timber products.

Randwick residents only are permitted to drop off garden organics to the Randwick  Recycling Centre for recycling. ID is required to use the service.


Australians buy an average of 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard about 23kg into landfill – and two-thirds of those discards are manmade synthetic/plastic fibres that take a very long time to breakdown.

You can now recycle your Clothing at Randwick Recycling Centre- 72 Perry Street Matraville.

Items accepted are as follows:

  • Wearable clothing
  • Wearable shoes
  • Handbags
  • Accessories (belts, scarves, hats, etc.)
  • Manchester (towels, bedsheets, bedspreads, blankets, etc.)

X-Ray films

X-Ray films contain silver in the form of halides, which can be extracted and converted into pure silver. Hence recycling of X-Ray films is a more responsible action rather than disposing in your red lid rubbish bin.

You can now recycle your X-Ray films at Randwick Recycle Centre

Electronic wastes

Randwick residents can drop off their electronic waste for recycling.

Accepted items:

  • Computers and parts (mice etc.)
  • Televisions
  • Printers
  • Mobile phones
  • Ink cartridges

White-goods and metal recycling

Randwick residents can drop off white goods and metal recycling.

Accepted items:

  • Dishwashers
  • Freezers
  • Fridges
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens, cook-tops and stoves
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble dryers

What do I do with white goods that still work but I no longer want?

We encourage residents to look out for organisations that will collect white goods that are still in working order. White goods should not be disposed of in Council's red lid-rubbish bins, yellow lid-recycling bins or green lid-garden organics bins. However, residents who cannot drop off their white-goods can call council to book a clean up.

Can I recycle white goods?

Randwick residents only can take their white goods to the Randwick Recycling Centre for recycling. ID is required to use the service.

Polystyrene recycling

Through a grant from the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) in partnership with the Australian Packaging Covenant, the Council now has polystyrene processing machinery.

This initiative aims to increase recycling of polystyrene and reduce waste to landfill, benefiting our community and helping small businesses save on waste management costs.

Residents and small businesses can now take their polystyrene foam boxes to the Randwick Recycling Centre for recycling. Open Mon-Fri 6am to 3pm, Sat 8 to 11am.

Maximum quantities/size accepted: 3m3, limits will be strictly enforced.

Soft plastics recycling

We accept plastic bags and other soft plastics for recycling. Find more more about soft plastics recycling.

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