Household clean-ups

Getting rid of the big stuff

We understand that you might have large items for removal that won't fit in your regular bins.

You can book a household clean-up below or, if you prefer, you can take items to our contractor's facility at SUEZ Lucas Heights Waste Management and Recycling Centre (charges may apply.)

Waste left on the street outside of your collection times (or on public land at any time) is deemed illegal dumping and may lead to a heavy fine.

Randwick City Council provides residents with 4 FREE household clean-up collections each year. 

Request a clean-up

To request a clean-up for phone Council's Call Centre on 1300 722 542, during business hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday or use our mobile friendly book a clean-up form.

All you need to know about household clean-ups 

Dates for household clean-ups

Randwick City Council provides residents with 4 FREE household clean-up collections each year. This includes:

  • 2 scheduled  clean-up collections
  • 2 booked clean-up collections.

Scheduled clean-up collections are based on your residential zone. If you're not sure which zone you're in, please use the waste zone map. Scheduled clean-up collection dates are also listed in your waste collection calendar.

Booked clean-up collections can be booked using the form above at a date and time that is convenient to you, subject to booking availability. 

Special paid pick-ups can also be arranged if you require more than 4 collections per year, or have a large volume of items. Special paid pick-ups can be arranged through Council's Call Centre on 1300 722 542.

Getting ready for your household clean-up

To help ensure your household clean-up collection runs smoothly and to enable our drivers to remove your items safely, it's important to:
  • Put items on the kerb the day before the assigned collection day
  • Separate stacks into metal and non-metal
  • Ensure you don't exceed the maximum volume of one cubic metre
  • Stack items neatly and safely
  • Put small items into bags or boxes
  • Note that only empty paint tins will be collected
  • Remove doors from refrigerators and all other appliances. 
Accepted itemsNon-accepted items
FurnitureBuilding waste e.g. bricks, tiles, sand, timber, etc.
White goodsGarden organics or tree logs
AppliancesDangerous material e.g. flammable material, paints, gas bottles or empty drums
MattressesCar parts or motor oils
Empty paint tinsLiquids in drums or other containers
E-wasteBusiness or commercial waste

Do you collect Christmas trees? 

Christmas tree collections - Randwick City Council

We run an annual natural Christmas tree collection. This service is provided to Randwick City Council residents free of charge. Please place your natural (as opposed to artificial) Christmas trees at the front of your house near your waste bins 24 hours before the scheduled day.

Natural Christmas trees will be collected with your green waste on your date of collection. Dates are listed based on zones. If you're not sure what zone you're in, visit our waste zone map to find out. Or visit the What's on page for collection dates.

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