Fire & Emergency Services Levy

A fairer way of paying for emergency services  

Fire & Emergency Services LevyIf you own a property in Randwick City, the NSW Government will be charging you a Fire & Emergency Services Levy (FESL) from 1 July 2017 via your rates rather than your insurance premium.

The Government is requiring local councils to collect this levy on their behalf to go towards funding essential State Government emergency services like the SES, Rural Fire Service and Fire & Rescue NSW.

The reform will be a fairer way of raising the money as previously only insured property owners contributed directly to the fire and emergency services. Under the FESL, all property owners will contribute.

Your building and contents (property) insurance premium will be cheaper as a consequence.

How it affects you

Check the NSW Government online calculator to help you calculate the amount of your levy. 

How is the FESL calculated?

For each property, the NSW Government will charge you a fixed and variable amount based on the unimproved value of your land as determined by the NSW Valuer General.

If your land has been classified as residential or public benefit, the fixed amount will be $100.  

If your land has been classified as farmland, industrial, or commercial, the fixed amount will be $200.

Total FESL for one year =
Fixed rate + Variable rate
Your property classificationFixed rateVariable rate per $100,000 of land value
Public Benefit$100.00$21.90

If your land is vacant, and has been classified as residential, industrial or commercial, a 50 per cent discount will be applied.

If you receive a pensioner discount for rates on your property, the FESL will be reduced by $50 (CPI indexed).

What if you disagree with your classification?

If you do not agree with the classification that has been applied to your property, or you would like to apply for the vacant land sub-classification, please complete and return the Application to review FESL classification form PDF, 79.22 KB by email to or post to 30 Frances Street Randwick NSW 2031.

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