Works Zones

Provision for parking next to a works site

Works Zones are considered as part of development applications to facilitate material deliveries and other construction processes. Requests for works zones are assessed on an individual basis to balance the needs of the development being undertaken and other community members who use the road.

Did you know?    A driver must not stop in a Works Zone unless the driver is driving a vehicle that is either engaged in construction work in or near the zone, or, dropping off, or picking up, passengers.

How do I apply for a Works Zone?

You must complete the Works Zone application form PDF, 226.01 KB, send it to the Council and, once assessed and if approved, you must pay the required fee.  Generally Works Zones take about 8 weeks to process - so please submit your application as soon as possible.

Most of the major roads in the Randwick Council area are managed by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). If you are considering working on an RMS  road, or close to any traffic signals, you will also need to complete the application for a Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) through the RMS Transport Management Centre.

The penalty for parking in a Works Zone (under Road Rule 181 (1) is $180.

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