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Randwick LEP 1998 (Consolidation)

Gazetted 15 January 2010 and superceded by Randwick LEP 2012 on 15 February 2013. Randwick LEP 1998 (Consolidation) comprised:

Note: Randwick LEP 1998 (Consolidation) was an update of the LEP 1998 and a consolidation of all LEP 1998 amendments. The plan updated zoning maps with new property information (but did not rezone any land); made some changes to the format; and incorporated some clauses from the State Government's standard LEP template. LEP 1998 (Consolidation) and its gazetted and proposed amendments are listed below:


1. Maroubra Beach Commercial Precinct (Gazetted 14 April 2000)

Increased the permissible floor space ratio in order to encourage redevelopment and imposes height restrictions for development of land within the Local Business 3B zone.

Note: There is a Development Control Plan for the same area.

2. 143-147 Alison Road, Randwick (Gazetted 9 October 1998)

Lists the properties as Heritage Items in Schedule 3 of Randwick LEP 1998

3. Various lands in Clovelly (Gazetted 16 October 1998)

Rezoned land from Residential 2B and 2C to Residential 2A.

4. Kensington Town Centre (Draft - did not proceed)

Proposed to increase the permissible floor space ratio from 1.5:1 to 2:1 and specifies special provisions for proposed redevelopment of land in the vicinity of the Doncaster Hotel at the corner of Anzac Parade and Doncaster Avenue, Kensington

Note: this draft amendment did not proceed (See LEP Amendment Number 27).

5. Paine Street (corner Hannan Street) Maroubra (Gazetted 26 February 1999)

Part Lot 1, Lot 2 and Part Lot 5 (DP 876379), to rezone the land (formerly road reserve) to Residential 2A

6. Malabar headland (considered as part of Comprehensive LEP 2012)

Rezoned land on the Headland from Residential 2B and Private Open Space 6B to proposed National Park Zone 8 and Private Open Space Zone 6B. This amendment did not proceed and was considered as part of the Comprehensive LEP 2012.

7. Homes Street/Moverly Road rezoning to Residential 2A (Gazetted 10 March 2000)

Rezoned the land from Residential 2B to 2A.

8. 224 Malabar Road, Coogee South (Gazetted 4 June 1999)

Rezoned the land (Lot 4912, DP 752105) from Open Space 6A to Residential 2C

9. Mons Avenue (corner Maxwell Street) Maroubra (Gazetted 10 December 1999)

Rezoned the RSL club's former tennis courts from 6A Private Open Space to 2B Residential in order to to enable multi-unit housing development.

10. Amendments to Schedule of Heritage Items (Gazetted 30 April 1999)

Lists 81A Carrington Road Clovelly as a Heritage Item.

Deleted 44-46 Raglan Street Malabar as a Heritage Items as DA consent for the demolition of the building had been granted.

11. Military Road (Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park), Matraville (Gazetted 24 December 1999)

Enabled use of part of the road reserve at the corner of Military and Bumborah Roads to be used for a stonemason's yard for a limited period (exhibited in conjunction with a draft Development Control Plan for the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park).

12. Operational lands (Gazetted 8 September 2000)

Reclassified certain lands from community to operational land and to allow access way as a permissible use on the following lands:

  • unnamed reserve off Donnellan Circuit, Clovelly
  • part of Blenheim Park, South Coogee
  • unnamed reserve along Clovelly Road (between Flood and Beach Streets).
13. Exempt and Complying Development (Superseded)

Defined minor developments which do not need approval (exempt development) or which can be approved through a complying development certificate (complying development) (Now replaced by the provisions of Amendment Number 34).

14. Review of LEP 1998 (Gazetted 21 July 2000)

The amendment made administrative changes to the LEP 1998 to assist in its effective operation and public understanding. The review was also required to deal with administrative changes required following the introduction of the integrated assessment system in July 1998. The changes included:

  • Amendments to advertising and notification provisions
  • Clarification of the definitions of attached dual occupancy and multi-unit housing
  • A review of the subdivision standards for the Residential 2B and 2C zones
  • Prohibiting free-standing car parks in Residential 2A and 2B zones
  • Clarification of the permissibility of multi-unit housing in the Special Uses zone
  • Linking activities identified in plans of management for community land to the LEP
  • Making provision for interim use of land pending permanent development
  • Clarification of addresses in the Schedule of Heritage Items
  • A new provision to allow functions at Wylie's Baths, Clovelly, subject to Council's consent.
15. 211-213 Anzac Parade, Kensington (Gazetted 17 March 2000)

Caltex petrol station and adjacent site allowed an additional use on the site for car-wash facilities.

16. 11A Alexander Street, Coogee (Gazetted 22 December 2000)

Deleted 11A Alexander Street, Coogee from the list of Heritage items in Schedule 3.

17. Masterplan requirement for sites over 4000 square metres (Gazetted 23 June 2000)

Added a requirement for preparation of a Master Plan for development proposals on sites more than 4,000 square metres.

18. To limit dwelling houses in Special Uses Zones (Draft - did not proceed)

Proposed to limit dwelling houses and multi-unit housing in the special uses zone.

19. Exempt and Complying Development for Port Botany (Draft - did not proceed)

Identified minor developments specific to the Port uses which did not need approval or which could be approved through a complying development certificate.

Note: a draft LEP instrument was not prepared.

20. Backpacker accommodation (Gazetted November 2001)

Prohibited the establishment and development of backpacker accommodation in all local business 3B zones.

21. Notification and advertising provisions (Gazetted 31 January 2003)

Deleted clauses 23, 24 and 25 within Randwick LEP 1998, relating to notification procedures for development, development requiring advertising and site notice and consideration of public submissions. These requirements are now contained, and further detailed in Council's DCP for Public Notification of Development Proposals and Council Plans.

22. Affordable housing (Gazetted 19 August 2005)

The LEP introduced provisions to encourage the retention and provision of affordable housing in the City of Randwick. It added affordable housing objectives to each of the City's Residential and Business zones, introduced additional considerations for boarding house development applications, and consideration of affordable housing for master plan development applications.

23. Bundock St Department of Defence site (Gazetted 9 May 2003)

Amendment number 23 introduced two new zonings for the City of Randwick and applies these specifically to the redevelopment of the Department of Defence site, Bundock and Avoca Streets, Kingsford by rezoning Surplus Defence Land from Zone Number 5 Special Uses to a mix of: Zone Number 2D residential (new zone), Zone Number 7 Environmental Protection (new zone), Zone Number 6A Public Open Space and Zone Number 6B Private Open Space. The site rezoning was complemented by a Development Control Plan (DCP) which set the detailed provisions for development on the site.

Both LEP 23 and the DCP sought to reduce the ecological footprint of the development, through the integration of ecologically sustainable development practices and performance standards, many of which set a new benchmark for development in the City of Randwick, particularly in the areas of water sensitive urban design and the use of renewable energy technology.

25. Exempt and Complying Development (Superseded by draft LEP 34)

Amended clauses in Randwick LEP 1998 relating to a review of exempt and complying development as detailed in a DCP (replaced by draft LEP No. 34).

26. 11 Cuthill Street, Randwick (Gazetted 14 June 2002)

Permited an additional use on this residentially zoned land for hotel accommodation in conjunction with the adjacent (Royal) hotel.

27. Kensington town centre (Gazetted 8 January 2003)

Provided detailed objectives and performance criteria to encourage high quality urban design outcomes and enhance commercial activity in Kensington town centre.

28. Prince Henry Hospital site (Gazetted 26 November 2004)

Amendment No.28 (Gazetted 26 November 2004) rezoned the site to a mix of 2D Residential (Comprehensive Development), 6 Special Uses and 7 Environmental Protection. This amendment contained height, FSR and landscape area requirements for development within the 2D area of the site. Refer also to the DCP for the site.

29. 100-120 King Street, Randwick (Gazetted 15 August 2003)

Relating to land at the corner of King and Dangar Street. The LEP retained the part Residential 2B, part Residential 2C zoning and allowed part of site at the corner of King and Dangar Streets to be used for the additional purpose of local shops. The gross floor area for this purpose should not exceed 350 square metres.

30. 35 Dudley Street, Coogee (Draft - did not proceed)

Council resolved to prepare a draft LEP to clarify the residential proposals for part of this site (zoned 5a special use).

Note: Incorporated in the Comprehensive LEP 2012.

31. 68-76 Wentworth Street, Randwick (Gazetted 9 May 2003)

The land was formerly zoned 5 Special Uses and is occupied by a dwelling formerly used as a Vice-Chancellors residence, together with tennis courts. The rezoning permited use of the site for residential and open space purposes, and subject to built form controls in relation to floor space ratio, landscaped area and building height.

The 2D Comprehensive Development zone for the site allowed redevelopment in accordance with an approved Master Plan. The built form controls for the site allow a floor space ratio of 0.8:1, landscaped area of 60 per cent and a maximum building height of 12 metres. More detailed controls are also provided for particular areas of the site.

32. 15 Bumborah Point Road, Port Botany (Gazetted 27 June 2003)

Relates to land that was previously the location of the former Bunnerong Power Station. The plan retained the Port Botany 4B zoning and allowed part of the site to be used for the additional purpose of a Council recycling facility.

33. Maroubra Junction town centre (Gazetted 7 May 2004)

Provided detailed objectives and performance criteria to encourage high quality urban design outcomes and enhance commercial/retail activity in Maroubra Junction town centre.

34. Exempt and Complying Development (Gazetted 25 February 2005)

Amended clauses in Randwick LEP 1998 relating to a review of exempt and complying development as detailed in the former DCP.

35. Malabar headland (Gazetted 24 March 2006)

Amendment No. 35 (gazetted 24 March 2006) removed a special provision allowing one tourist accommodation facility on for the land zoned 6B Private Open Space at Malabar headland. The amendment now brings the permitted land uses into conformity with all other land zoned 6B Private Open Space in Randwick City.

36. Dwelling house and dual occupancy development (Draft - Incorporated in LEP 1998 Consolidation)

At the Health, Building Planning Committee Meeting on 13 September 2005 Council resolved to publicly exhibit Draft Local Environmental Plan (LEP) Amendment No. 36 and the Draft Single Dwelling Houses and Attached Dual Occupancy Development Control Plan (DCP). The draft plans were on public exhibition from Monday 27 September 2005 until Friday 4 November 2005 inclusive.

37. Matraville town centre (Gazetted 18 August 2006)

Amendment No. 37 (gazetted 18 August 2006) provided detailed objectives and height limits and encouraged a mix of land uses to guide the centre's revitalisation ; extended the commercial zone on the eastern side of Bunnerong Road between Beauchamp Road and Daunt Avenue; reclassified the Council car park site as operational; and removed the Heritage listing of "Iresons Corner".

38. Acid sulfate soils (see Consolidated LEP 1998)

Draft LEP not prepared. Later incorporated in Comprehensive LEP 2012.

39. Heritage (Draft - Not Approved - Incorporated into LEP 1998 Consolidation)

Council resolved on 13 December 2005 that the draft LEP (Amendment No 39) not be approved and not proceed. Below is the exhibited version of the draft LEP. A draft DCP was also prepared (see draft DCP list).

40. Former Matraville incinerator site and minor changes to Exempt and Complying Development (Gazetted 7 December 2007)

Proposed a minor wording change to update the reference to Council's Exempt and Complying DCP, for which minor changes were made for the City and for the former Matraville Incinerator site.

41. Amendment 41 (Repealed by Randwick LEP 2012 - Gazetted 15 January 2010)

Proposed to simplify preparation of Council's Comprehensive LEP.  This LEP consolidated all previous amendments to Randwick LEP 1998, updated the Zone Map with the latest cadastral information, incorporated clauses from the State Government's Standard Template for LEPs and made minor changes to some zones, development standards and the requirements for exempt and complying development.  The LEP applied to the whole of the Randwick City but did not rezone land.

42. Amendment 42 (Gazetted 13 August 2010)

Planning proposal prepared for reclassification of land at 64-66 Minneapolis Crescent, Maroubra (Lot 102 DP 855181) and 3/90-98 King Street, Randwick (Lot 3 SP 75411) from community lands to operational lands.

43. Amendment 43 (Gazetted 30 March 2012)

Rezoned the western part of Malabar Headland from primarily residential to national park.

44. Amendment 44 (Gazetted 9 December 2011)

Amendment to clarify that semi detached dwellings (where each attached dwelling is on a separate lot) falls within the definition of a 'dwelling house' and not under the definitions of 'multi unit dwellings' and 'attached dual occupancy'.

Chinese Market Gardens (As resolved by Council on 24 July 2012)

Proposed to rezone 60% of the Chinese Market Gardens site, Philip Bay to enable cemetery uses.

Note: this planning proposal was considered as a separate process to Council's draft Comprehensive LEP 2012, as it was submitted after public exhibition of the draft Plan which proposed a RU4 Primary Production Small Lot Zone over the entire site. This was in line with advice from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Randwick Environment Park (not agreed by the Dept of Planning & Infrastructure, as per Gateway Determination made by the Dept on 1 December 2011).

Council resolved on 24 July 2012 to prepare a Planning Proposal and rezone land at 4 Argyle Crescent, Randwick from 5 (Special Uses Zone) to 7 (Environmental Protection Zone) and include it in the Randwick Environment Park Heritage Conservation Area. This site was rezoned as part of the Comprehensive LEP 2012 to SP2 Infrastructure (Defence).

Development control plans archive

The following DCPs and planning policies were replaced by Randwick Comprehensive Development Control Plan 2013 on 14 June 2013.

Repealed Development Control Plans

Backpacker accommodation (Effective date 26 May 2000)

Guidelines and controls for establishing and operating backpacker's hostels and other similar types of short stay accommodation.

DCP - Backpacker Accommodation PDF, 105.01 KB

Defence site at Bundock and Avoca Streets, Randwick  (Effective date 21 May 2003)

Controls establishing the built form and environmental and amenity standards for the redevelopment of the Bundock Street Defence land. These controls are all are consistent with the adopted Master Plan for the site.

DCP - Defence Site at Randwick PDF, 8414.37 KB

Dwelling houses and attached dual occupancies (Effective date 1 March 2000 - Amended 20 December 2002)

Guidelines and controls for the planning and design of dwelling houses and attached dual occupancies. Included the construction of new dwellings as well as alterations and additions to existing dwellings, including garages, car ports and ancillary structures to dwellings.

DCP - Dwelling Houses and Attached Dual Occupancies PDF, 3520.58 KB

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park (Effective date 3 February 2000)

Provided guidelines and controls for the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Military Road, Matraville.

DCP - Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park PDF, 1094.7 KB

Footpath trading and dining (Effective date 27 July 2004)

The DCP provided objectives and performance criteria for outdoor dining and trading activities, including A-frame signs and goods displays, on public footpaths, malls and associated public spaces. It was designed to ensure access, safety and amenity of public footpaths is maintained, while facilitating active and lively street frontages.

DCP - Footpath Trading and Dining PDF, 165.41 KB

Kensington Town Centre (2002)  (Effective date 22 January 2003)

Provided detailed objectives and performance criteria to encourage high quality urban design outcomes and a lively commercial area in Kensington town centre.

DCP - Kensington Town Centre - Part A PDF, 4095.69 KB

DCP - Kensington Town Ce PDF, 12440.86 KB

DCP - Kensington Town Centre - Part C PDF, 11014.93 KB

LEP Instrument PDF, 97.22 KB
LEP Map PDF, 127.53 KB

Maroubra Beach Commercial Precinct (Effective date 26 May 2000)

Guidelines and controls for development in the Maroubra Beach Commercial Precinct.

DCP - Maroubra Beach Commercial Precinct PDF, 3586.4 KB

Multi-unit housing (Effective date 1 March 2000)

Guidelines and controls for the planning and design of multi-unit development.

DCP - Multi-Unit Housing PDF, 792.01 KB

Outdoor advertising (Effective date 4 August 1998)

Guidelines and controls for outdoor advertising throughout the City of Randwick.

DCP - Outdoor Advertising PDF, 1489.7 KB

Parking (Effective date 24 December 1998)

Standards, guidelines and design parameters for parking, car parks and vehicle manoeuvring and access.

DCP - Parking PDF, 2347.64 KB

Public notification of Development Proposals and Council Plans (Effective date 25 February 2003)

Set out requirements for notifying the public about all development proposals and applications, including Master Plans, lodged with Council, as well as Council Plans (LEPs & DCPs).

DCP - Public Notification of Development Proposals and Council Plans PDF, 304.02 KB

Randwick Junction (Effective date 18 February 1999)

Guidelines and controls for development in the Randwick Junction town centre and Heritage Conservation Area.

DCP - Randwick Junction PDF, 3991.21 KB

DCP 6: land bounded by Kemmis Street, Frenchmans Road and Clovelly Road, Randwick (Effective date 20 June 1986)

Redevelopment controls for the site including height, FSR, design guidelines.

DCP - Land bounded by Frenchmans Rd and Kemmis St, Frenchmans Rd and Clovelly Rd, Randwick PDF, 1680.62 KB

DCP 8: Military Road and Bunnerong Road, Matraville (Effective date 25 March 1987)

Industrial development provisions relating to access, landscaping, setbacks.

DCP - Military Road and Bunnerong Road, Matraville PDF, 5446.95 KB

DCP 13: Bunnerong Power Station, Matraville (Effective date 11 March 1990)

Provisions relating to heritage gardens, landscaped buffer zones, bushland, access restrictions.

DCP - Bunnerong Power Station, Matraville PDF, 264.8 KB

DCP 16: Kingsford Commercial Centre (Effective date 7 May 1996)

Comprehensive DCP for the Kingsford commercial centre.

DCP - Kingsford Commercial Centre PDF, 3867.76 KB

DCP 18: Randwick Bus Depot, corner King and Dangar Streets, Randwick (Effective date 14 July 2003 - Amended 6 June 1995)

Comprehensive redevelopment controls for the site.

DCP - Randwick Bus Depot - cnr King and Dangar Streets Randwick PDF, 674.7 KB

DCP 21: Amusement centres (Effective date 2 May 1995)

Requirements for establishment of amusement centres.

DCP - Amusement Centres PDF, 310.52 KB

DCP 22: The Spot & surrounds (Effective date 24 October 1995)

Comprehensive DCP for The Spot commercial centre.

DCP - The Spot and Surrounds PDF, 4509.04 KB

Maroubra Junction Town Centre (Effective date 18 May 2004)

Provided detailed design guidelines and controls to encourage high quality urban design outcomes and a vibrant town centre.

DCP - Maroubra Junction Town Centre PDF, 7557.82 KB

Prince Henry site (Effective date 8 December 2004)

The Prince Henry Development Control Plan (DCP) is a site specific development control plan that contains planning and design requirements for the former Prince Henry Hospital site.

DCP - Prince Henry Site PDF, 11296.91 KB

Matraville town centre (Effective date 29 August 2006)

Provided detailed design guidelines, controls and urban design framework to guide the centre's revitalisation and encourage quality new development.

For further information:

DCP - Matraville Town Centre LR PDF, 2683.12 KB
DCP - Matraville Town Centre HR PDF, 11982.22 KB

Background Documents:

Public Domain Strategy PDF, 1160.94 KB
Shaping Matraville Town Centre PDF, 1486.39 KB

Royal Randwick Racecourse (Effective date 8 May 2007)

The DCP contained planning provisions for traffic management, precinct specific uses and development within the Royal Randwick Racecourse.

DCP - Royal Randwick Racecourse PDF, 6263.33 KB

Telecommunication and radiocommunication (Effective date 1 October 2007)

The DCP provided controls and guidelines for the siting, design and installation of telecommunication and radiocommunication facilities that require development consent.

DCP - Telecommunication & Radiocommunication PDF, 218.58 KB

University of NSW, Kensington campus

The Development Control Plan (DCP) contained detailed planning provisions for land uses and development within the UNSW Kensington Campus.

Development Control Plan - University of NSW, Kensington Campus (Effective date 16 April 2007)

The Development Control Plan (DCP) contained detailed planning provisions for land uses and development within the UNSW Kensington Campus.

Exempt and Complying Development (Effective date 15 January 2008)

Note: With the commencement of the Comprehensive LEP 2012, Council's existing DCP for Exempt and Complying Development no longer applies. Applicant's are advised to refer to both the and the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 for standards and conditions that apply to Exempt and Complying Development.

Draft Development Control Plans (DCP)

Note that the controls in the following draft DCPs were incorporated into the Randwick Comprehensive DCP.

Randwick City Heritage

Council resolved on 13 December 2005 that the Draft DCP-Heritage not proceed. Below is a copy of the exhibited version of the Draft DCP.

Draft DCP - Randwick City Heritage PDF, 5654.21 KB

West Kensington Heritage Conservation Area

Guidelines and controls for development in the West Kensington Heritage Conservation Area, as identified in Randwick LEP 1998.

Draft DCP - West Kensington Heritage Conservation Area PDF, 1528.08 KB

North Randwick Heritage Conservation

Guidelines and controls for development in the North Randwick Heritage Conservation Area, as identified in Randwick LEP 1998.

Draft DCP - North Randwick Heritage Draft PDF, 10771.88 KB

Single dwelling houses and attached dual occupancy

A draft DCP was exhibited between 27 September and 4 November 2005.

Draft DCP - Single Dwelling Houses and Attached Dual Occupancy PDF, 1986.56 KB

Appendices - Streetscape Character Assessment PDF, 1733.15 KB

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