Planning overview

Planning strategies and controls

Local Planning framework

Proposals to build, demolish, alter or change the use of a building or land are all considered within a framework of planning strategies and controls.Randwick's local planning framework consists of the following key elements: 

View the Inventory of archived LEPs.

To supplement Council's LEP and DCP, a number of Council policies may also be relevant to rezoning or development applications.

In addition, Randwick Council can provide information on zoning and planning controls via Section 149 Planning Certificates .

State Planning framework

State Environmental Planning Policies

State Government strategies, policies and plans guide the future of Sydney and NSW which local Councils must address in their local plans. Key policies applicable in Randwick City are listed below.

Randwick City Council - State and regional environmental planning instruments

The following SEPPs can be found on the NSW Legislation website under EPI's:

  • SEPP No.4 - Development Without Consent (Clause 5B)
  • SEPP No.19 - Bushland in Urban Areas
  • SEPP No.32 - Urban Consolidation (Redevelopment of Urban Land)
  • SEPP No.33 - Hazardous and Offensive Development
  • SEPP No.55 - Remediation of Land
  • SEPP No.64 - Advertising and Signage
  • SEPP No.65 - Design Quality of Residential Flat Development
  • SEPP No.70 - Affordable Housing
  • SEPP No.71 - Coastal Protection
  • SEPP - Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability
  • SEPP - BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) 2004
  • SEPP - Major Developments 2005
  • SEPP - Temporary Structures and Places of Public Entertainment (2007)
  • SEPP - Infrastructure 2007
  • SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
  • SEPP (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009
  • SEPP (State and Regional Development) 2011
  • SEPP (Port Botany) 2013 

A Plan for Growing Sydney

Sydney's metropolitan strategy - 'A Plan for Growing Sydney' was released in December 2014 and is the State Government's key long term plan for Sydney's growth and change. See A Plan for Growing Sydney.

Draft Eastern City District Plan

The draft District Plan developed by the Greater Sydney Commission sets out priorities and actions for Greater Sydney's Eastern City District. The draft District Plan was on public exhibition until March 2017 and will be finalised before the end of 2017. See

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