Kensington and Kingsford Planning Strategy

Artist impression of Anzac Parade at Meeks St in Kingsford

Draft planning controls for the future of Kensington and Kingsford

Randwick City Council has prepared a draft planning strategy to guide the future of Anzac Parade in Kensington and Kingsford. 

The strategy proposes new building heights and considerable public improvements. Extensive consultation will take place with the community prior to any final decision being made.

The Draft Planning Strategy has been submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for Gateway Determination. Council is currently awaiting approval to proceed with public exhibition (ie. Gateway Determination). The Department of Planning and Environment has put all the documents Council submitted on their website for public access. 


Next steps

If the Department's gateway approval is received, Council will conduct detailed community consultation on the Planning Strategy and report the results of the consultation back to a meeting of Council for consideration and any amendments.


Community consultation

Extensive community consultation will be conducted to ensure all residents and ratepayers are informed and can comment on the proposal. This consultation will take place once approval is received from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to proceed with consultation. Details will be available in the future on Council's dedicated consultation website YourSay Randwick

More information

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