Building and development

Randwick City Council - Building and development

After obtaining your development consent determination from the Council, in most cases, you will need to obtain a Construction Certificate from either Council or a private Accredited Certifier before carrying out any work on site.

You will also need to appoint the Council or private Accredited Certifier as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for the development. This is usually the same person or organisation that issues the Construction Certificate.

The PCA is required to carry out inspections at specific stages of the works and to issue an Occupation Certificate upon completion of the development.

Amendments or changes to the approved plans

If your development application is approved, but you wish to make some changes to the approval, you may apply to modify the consent by lodging an Application to Modify a Development Consent PDF, 186.82 KB with Council.

In most cases, an amended (or new) Construction Certificate must also be obtained from the appointed Certifier before carrying out any modifications or changes to the development.

Compliance and Enforcement

It is an offence to carry out development without the required development consent or to carry out development or building work that is not in accordance with the consent. The relevant development consent or modification to an existing development consent must be obtained from Council before carrying out the works or modifications.

Significant penalties apply to unauthorised development, so always check with Council and your Building Certifier before carrying out any development or making changes to an approved development.

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