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Online lodgement of application is now available

You may use Council's online services to lodge your development application (DA) online. Alternatively you may lodge your DA directly with Council at our administration building (contact us).


You will need to complete a development application form & checklist PDF, 825.22 KB and a cost summary report PDF, 70.98 KB

The application form must be signed by the landowner/s and by you as the applicant.  If there is more than one landowner, every owner must sign.  If the owner is a company or owners' association (body corporate), the application must be signed by an authorised person under seal.

The cost summary report must be prepared in accordance with Council's S94A development contributions plan. If the cost of your development is $500,000 or more, a detailed cost report will need to be prepared by a Registered Quantity Surveyor.

A Council Officer will use the development application checklist to check your application. Council will only accept a DA with all necessary information.

Note: If lodging by mail or over the counter, you must submit a USB or CD with ALL forms, plans (in colour) and documents saved as separate unprotected pdf files.

Online lodgement of development applications

Council's online services allow you to lodge and track the progress of development applications online.

To lodge an application online you will need to:

Step 1 - Register to become an online user 

Select 'register here' on Council's online services homepage and enter your details to become an online user. Once you are a registered user you will have full access to online services and can submit multiple applications.

Step 2 - Submit your development application details 

Return to the online services homepage and select 'Submit an application'. You then need to follow the prompts and provide the required information. At the end of the process, your application details will be sent to Council for checking. If all information is complete you will be sent a DA fee quote via email.

Step 3 - Pay the development application fees 

To complete the lodgement process, you will need to pay the DA fee. This may be done through Council's online services homepage.

Important note: To lodge a DA online, you will need to have electronic copies (.pdf format) of: 

  • Owners consent
  • Statement of environmental effects
  • Notification plan
  • All other plans (in one file)
  • DA checklist and cost summary report (forms available from Council's website)
  • BASIX certificate
  • Any other supporting documents

Note: If using online lodgement for applications requiring referral to the Design Excellence Panel, you will still need to lodge 6 sets of plans and documents (hardcopies) for distribution to the panel members.

Over the counter lodgement

If lodging by mail or over the counter you are required to submit:

  • One (1) copy of the completed DA form and checklist
  • One (1) copy of the cost summary report
  • One (1) copy of the A4 Notification plans
  • Four (4) copies of all other plans (Note: For alterations and additions to existing buildings, the plans must be coloured to highlight the area of work being proposed)
  • Four (4) copies of the SEE and other supporting documentation
  • A USB or CD with ALL forms, plans (in colour) and documents saved as separate unprotected pdf files. Each plan, form and document must be individually labelled to identify the name of the file and the property address (Document type - property address)

If your application requires referral to the Design Excellence Panel (under SEPP 65), an additional six (6) sets of plans and documentation will be required.

Additional sets of plans and SEE's may also be required if your application requires referral to any external agencies.

The development application must be lodged with the applicable DA fee. Please contact us to obtain a fee quote.

Disclosure of political donations and gifts

Within NSW there is legislation surrounding political donations and gifts. If you (or anyone with a financial interest in the application) have made any political donations or gifts, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make the necessary declarations when lodging your DA.

If you (or an associate) have made a reportable political donation or gift within two years of the lodgement date, you must complete and submit a Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement PDF, 69.36 KB.

Copyright matters

Council may be required to copy parts of your development application (and supporting information) for the purpose of obtaining public comment and/or making the information available under the provisions of Section 6 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and Schedule 1 of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009 which includes publishing information electronically on Council's website.

Consequently, you are required to obtain a licence to use any copyright material forming part of your development application from the relevant copyright holder.

Allocation and referrals

Once a DA is lodged, initial processing takes place with the Development Application Committee (DAC). This involves:

  • allocating the application to an Assessment Officer
  • referring the application to relevant internal Council Officers, external agencies and Government Departments for review and comment (if required)

You will receive an acknowledgement letter including your Application Reference Number and contact details for the Assessment Officer.

Online tracking of development applications

Council's online services also provide information relating to:

  • Development applications currently under assessment by Council
  • Development applications lodged and determined from 2006
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