Purcell Park

Asbestos Remediation and Stormwater Harvesting Project

Purcell Park

Purcell Park is located on Australia Avenue in Matraville. It’s a large grassed park which includes a children’s playground, an extensive bike path, shade trees and seating. The park is approximately 1.27 hectares. Starting the week of June 15 2020, two major projects will be undertaken here:

  • Asbestos remediation
  • Installation of a stormwater harvesting system

Asbestos remediation

Asbestos contamination in surface soils were identified during a site investigation conducted by an environmental consultant. Based on the findings, the consultant recommended that Council remediate the entirety of Purcell Park according to the remediation action plan developed by CH2MHill and reviewed by JBS &G in 2019.

Stormwater Harvesting Project

Due to water shortages throughout Australia, Council has proposed to use treated stormwater to irrigate all of Purcell Park. By using treated stormwater, we expect to save up to 20ML of potable water every year resulting in significant financial savings.

The project includes the construction of a 260KL stormwater harvesting facility that will include filtration units, pumps, treatment shed and an automatic irrigation system.

Key dates

Work is expected to commence during the week of 15 June 2020 and is due to be completed in December 2020 (weather permitting). There are currently no night works planned for the duration of the project.

Asbestos Remediation Plan

The remedial action plan involves installation of capping layer of 150mm of imported clean materials certified as virgin excavated natural materials (VENM) or excavated natural materials (ENM) in accordance with NSW EPA requirements, a marker layer and vegetation cover (grass). An irrigation system will be installed to maintain the grass cover throughout the year.

Both the children’s playground and the landscaping mounds are excluded from the remediation area. While the contaminated fill material likely extends underneath the playground, the surface is sealed with a synthetic rubber surface which serves the same purpose as the capping layer proposed within the remedial action plan (RAP).

Similarly, while the contaminated fill extends below the landscaped mounds the depth of (non‐impacted) fill in the mounds is in excess of that detailed within the RAP, and therefore remediation is considered to have already occurred.

Environmental controls

Works will be carried out by an accredited contaminant removalist and supervised by Council and an expert environmental consultancy firm JBS &G. Environmental controls will include:

  • Air monitoring
  • Noise, erosion and dust controls will be used to mitigate any adverse impacts on the surrounding community
  • Dust suppression systems will include a temporary irrigation system located along the perimeter of the site area as well as the use of water carts and mains water to target work areas during soil removal and loading

We understand community concern about the dangers of asbestos and we have taken a highly conservative approach to the management and remediation of this location to minimise impact to the community.



For more information please contact Randwick City Council’s Projects team on 1300 722 542 or email council@randwick.nsw.gov.au

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