Maroubra Stormwater Harvesting Project

Project overview

As part of our commitment to conserving water, Randwick City Council is undertaking a major stormwater harvesting project at Maroubra Beach. This project is Council’s 14th stormwater harvesting system and our biggest harvesting system to date.

The project involves the construction of 2 x one-million litre stormwater harvesting facility that will include filtration units, pumps, and an automatic irrigation system.

The water harvested from this system will provide irrigation for:

  • Arthur Byrne Reserve (existing irrigation)
  • Broadarrow Reserve (existing irrigation)
  • Jack Vanny Reserve (existing irrigation)
  • Maroubra Beach (existing irrigation)
  • John Shore Reserve (future irrigation)
  • Murranborah Reserve (future irrigation)

It will also provide water for the toilets at Maroubra Surf Club and South Maroubra amenities, once complete. The system will save up to 40 million litres of potable water every year, as well as financial savings.

Diagram of a stormwater recycling system

Stormwater recycling system diagram

Project timing

The project will be divided into stages and consist of, but won’t be limited to the following (please note these timings are indicative):

  • Stage 1 – Underground tank construction at Arthur Byrne Reserve and surrounding  pipework (March 2 – June 19 2020)
  • Stage 2A – Treatment room upgrade and Arthur Byrne Reserve pipework (March 23 – July 19 2020)
  • Stage 2B - Western pipework from treatment room to Muraborah Reserve and irrigation system (August 31 – October 28 2020)
  • Stage 3A – Northern offtake construction and pipework along Marine Parade (June 22 – August 28 2020)
  • Stage 3B – Pipework from northern offtake to Jack Vanny Reserve (August 31 – October 28 2020)

More information

Council has identified a disused shed will be used to hold the new treatment facilities. At this point in the project, four trees that are currently pushing up against the treatment room will need to be removed. These trees will be replaced and Council will plant four new trees in a similar location, further from the treatment room.

There are currently no night works planned for the duration of the project. We will endeavour to keep all roads open at all times, however traffic control may be implemented at certain stages of the project in order to keep visitors to the area safe.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused throughout the duration of the project, but we hope the community will see the great benefit this project will provide to the Maroubra parks and beach front.

Watch this video to learn all about our current stromwater harvesting systems and how they work.

Contact Council

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

Zaman Shamsuz
Project Manager
Randwick City Council 
02 9093 6763

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