Playgrounds program background

Upgrading or replacing playgrounds across Randwick

Randwick City recognises the importance of playgrounds for local children and parents and carers.

They are a place for children to exercise, socialise and develop motor skills in a fun and safe environment.

This is particularly important given the number of families choosing to live in units and apartments across Randwick City.

There are an estimated 260 individual pieces of play equipment located in more than 50 playgrounds across Randwick City.

Each year Council provides funds as part of its capital works program to upgrade or replace playgrounds across the City. These works are conducted in close consultation with local families.

See local playground upgrades near you or visit and register to receive notifications about upcoming community consultation programs.

Playgrounds vary from smaller pocket playgrounds servicing local families to larger regional playgrounds located at Coogee, Maroubra and Malabar Beaches designed to cater for larger numbers of children.

Some of our best playgrounds are:

Also worth exploring are the Heffron Pedal Park (ideal for kids developing bicycle skills) and the skate park at Maroubra Beach for older children.

Council works and upgrades flyers

You can also download information about Council Works & Upgrades which include road, footpath and other major upgrades by Ward:

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