Buildings for our Community

Buildings for our Community

In 2010, Council commenced a seven-year $34.8M program to upgrade or restore 65 important community buildings to modern standards. We call this program Buildings for our Community.

The program is the result of extensive community consultation which found widespread support to fast-track upgrade of a range of community buildings including surf clubs, toilet blocks, community centres, gyms and other buildings in Randwick City.

Buildings Program

Randwick Council owns and manages a substantial portfolio of buildings to support our operations and help deliver services to the community.  These range in age, quality, significance and function from simple amenities to offices, depot, libraries, sports club houses, surf clubs, leisure centre, community centres and childcare centres.

We use asset management principles to deliver sustainable management of all Council buildings in line with regulatory requirements, community needs and future expectations.

Maintaining Council buildings

Each building needs ongoing maintenance, general upgrades and reconstruction when the building reaches 'end of life'.  There are also regulatory compliance requirements we need to fulfill to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The annual Buildings Program is funded through the capital works budget where we allocate funding for building maintenance and capital works.  The buildings selected for inclusion in the program are assessed against many factors including the condition of the building, the type of use, the need to improve the level of service and strategic planned upgrades.

Details of current works in the Buildings program are included in Works & Upgrades.

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