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Exhibitions held at Randwick City Library

Celebrating the people, history, people and culture of the local area, Randwick City Library hosts a number of interesting exhibitions for people of all ages.

The Lionel Bowen Library boasts a dedicated exhibition and gallery space. In our gallery space we regularly hold exhibitions on local history, world travel, HSC artwork by local students and many more. Here you can experience and learn about these exhibitions and view pictures from our opening nights.


Silent TearsSilent Tears

4 Nov - 29 Dec 2017

Silent Tears is a multi-media exhibition by artists with disability. It reveals the lived-experience of women with disability who are subjected to violence and women who acquired disability as a result of violence.

Pop into RandwickHistory Week: Pop into Randwick

2 Sep - 31 Oct 2017

This exhibition explores the musical history connections between Randwick City and some iconic performers and venues on the Australian music scene.

WoWWords of Wisdom

13 May - 2 Jul 2017

Words of Wisdom celebrates the knowledge, experience and life stories of older people living within the local community. A selection of thirty stories is presented in this exhibition. The Words of Wisdom book is available for purchase from the Library.

Colours of the CountryColours of the Country III – The Alice Springs Beanie Festival

28 Jan - 5 Mar 2017

Dive head first into the world of colourful, unique beanies at Colours of the Country III, the third touring exhibition of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival on loan from Artback NT.


Create Art 2016 ClassCreate Art 2016 Class Exhibition

1 Dec 16 - 16 Jan 2017

Under the guidance of art teacher Lily Oen, students have produced an incredible range of work. Discover the talents of the Create! Art Class who meet at Lionel Bowen Library each Tuesday.

Eat, Pray, NachesEat, Pray, Naches: Jewish Community Stories

8 Oct - 20 Nov 2016

Eat, Pray, Naches is an award winning project that celebrates the eastern beaches’ Jewish community by preserving and sharing the stories of its post-war immigrants.

Our Victorian NeighboursHistory Week: Our Victorian Neighbours 

1 Sep - 2 Oct 2016

This exhibition explores the Victorian architecture of our beautiful suburb Randwick. Delve into the personalities who lived in these houses and explore what life would have been like for them.

Just GutsJust Guts: A Roller Derby Exhibition

22 Jan - 12 Mar 2016

Just Guts showcases the amazing players of Australian Roller Derby and its effect on pop culture.


I Am LocalI Am Local

12 Oct - 20 Nov 2015

In celebration of Randwick City’s pride in our community, photographs of local residents, workers and students will be on display at Bowen Library from 12 October to 20 November.

Creative IIICreative III

5 Jan - 8 Mar 2015

In support of the creativity of Randwick’s local youth, Creative was conceived to showcase the talents of local HSC students across a variety of subjects and media.


A Migrant's StoryA Migrant's Story

8 Sep - 9 Nov 2014

This biennial project has been successful in providing an avenue for residents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to share their stories with a wider audience.

CreativeCreative II

2 Jan - 16 Mar 2014

In support of the creativity of Randwick’s local youth, Creative was conceived to showcase the talents of local HSC students across a variety of subjects and media. This was the second Creative exhibition.

Women of EmpireWomen of Empire

April - May 2014

Depicted are the stories of 17 Australian and New Zealand Women of the First World War (including Miles Franklin), and each uniform and costume tells the story of a woman and her experience of the war.

And They're RacingAnd They're Racing

5 June - 13 Sep 2014

From trophies, to sashes, to artwork, photographs and archives the Australian Turf Club holds the history of Thoroughbred horse racing in Australia in its vast collection.


Artists Books and ZinesArtists' Books and Zines

18 March - 15 May 2013

This exhibition showcased handmade artists’ books and a part of the zine collection from Manly Library. This collection featured books with tactile qualities, texts that need to be examined and inspected closely.

Picture PerfectPicture Perfect: Art Deco Architecture of Randwick

2 September - 6 December 2013

Launched during History Week by then Mayor of Randwick City, Cr Tony Bowen, this exhibition showcased the art deco architecture of our neighbourhood.

Tom Bass StudioTom Bass Studio

18 May - 14 June 2013

The exhibition included works of students from Tom Bass Sculpture School and also Tom Bass himself and was very well received by library patrons who had a chance to vote for their favourite piece.

Creative ICreative I

2 January - 9 March 2013

In support of the creativity of Randwick’s local youth, Creative was conceived to showcase the talents of local HSC students across a variety of subjects and media.


La Belle FranceLa Belle France

3 November - 21 December 2012

An exhibition of travel photography capturing the historical, cultural and natural beautiful of France as well as a few portraits. The exhibition also included various objects and memorabilia from France.

Mina WylieMina Wylie

April 2012

The true story of Randwick’s own Olympian, Mina Wylie, and her quest for Olympic glory over 100 years ago. The exhibition was launched by the then Mayor of Randwick, Cr Scott Nash, and Lisa Forrest OAM on 21 April 2012 as part of our National Trust Heritage Festival Celebrations.


Tales of a Bygone EraTales of a Bygone Era: Randwick's Illuminated Stories

September - December 2011

Randwick City Library and Randwick and District Historical Society joined forces to showcase the rich collection of illuminated materials honouring our past leaders.


History Week: John Cann's Snake Men of La Perouse

September 2010 - February 2011

John Cann’s private collection covered not only the early years of the snake shows at La Perouse but also memorabilia from his Olympic career as a decathlete at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.

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