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Feeling down because of the pandemic? Take a look at our list of staff-picked eBooks and documentaries about resilience and boosting mental health. They're all available free with your Randwick City Library card number and PIN – just click the links and create an account with your RCL credentials.

We'll be creating lists of all the fabulous resources that your RCL card can bring to you so keep an eye out for our series of staff-picks!

Mental health eBooks

First, we make the beast beautiful, Sarah Wilson:

This wonderful book aims to change how we think about Anxiety and mental health in general. While being very frank and open about mental conditions, it reshapes how we approach them by suggesting that it is part of our spiritual journey. Definitely worth a read if you’ve been feeling a little down during the pandemic.

When Panic Attacks: How to take control of anxiety and panic, Áine Tubridy:

Prompted by years of working with patients suffering from panic attacks and struck by just how common and debilitating they were, medical doctor and psychotherapist Dr Áine Tubridy first published When Panic Attacks in 2003. Grounded in years of clinical experience and research, it has been a bestseller ever since – because her methods work.

This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health: A Journey Into the Heartland of Psychiatry, Nathan Filer

This book changes how we think of humanity. Mental health issues are very common and this book details how the field of psychiatry has grown throughout time with our greater recognition of these issues. A fine read for anyone wanting to refine their knowledge on how to deal with mental health issues.


Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie - What Do You Do When Your Brain is Your Enemy?, New Day Films:

OCD is a serious mental health issue that traps millions of kids, teens and adults in a vicious cycle of worries and rituals. While families and loved ones are desperate to help them, fighting OCD takes time and specialized therapy. This is a fantastic doco that comprehensively explains the condition – useful for anyone who knows someone who might have it.

Going Sane: The State of Mental Health Care in America, Joshua Sabey:

When filmmaker Josh Sabey's sister was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, his family provided the best care possible, spent thousands of dollars, but saw no improvement for many years. Sabey became determined to help other families avoid wasting time, money, and lives. This doco follows three families seeking the best, evidence-based treatment for mental illness, and introduces leading experts who reveal that patients continue to receive outdated and disproven treatments, often with tragic outcomes.


Good Health & Wellbeing Magazine:

This monthly mag is great for timely, relevant health advice for living a long healthy life. It gives great advice for adults, kid, relationships and more. You can check out every copy via RBdigital, our eMagazine provider.

Mental health texts in other languages

La ansiedad no es sólo miedo y no viene de la nada. De hecho, todo lo que crees saber sobre la ansiedad está a punto de cambiar. Este excepcional libro es un enfoque único, lleno de técnicas prácticas y orientación que ilustra una verdad profunda: la curación de la ansiedad es posible.

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