A Fine Idea: Late fees to be scrapped!

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An Amnesty on all fines and overdue items will begin on Sunday 1 March and last until Thursday 30 June, allowing library members to return overdue items and have any previously accrued fines waived.

The changes are designed to reduce administrative costs and burden on library staff while facilitating greater access to library services for those in the community most in need - and often least able to pay late fees.

“We want to encourage a positive experience with our library, we understand that in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget to return items on time,” Randwick Mayor Danny Said explained. “It doesn’t matter whether your item is three days or three years overdue. If you return it to your local library, no fines will be applied.”

In place of late fees, library membership and access to library resources will be suspended until items are returned.

“Discontinuing fines is a positive step in encouraging our library patrons to interact with our libraries in a positive manner and enjoy all the benefits they have to offer,” continued Mayor Said.

A replacement fee for any items that have been lost or damaged will continue to be incurred as per the current Library Fees and Charges rates.

Randwick City Library has three branches, for location details and opening hours please visit this page.

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