Studiosity Just Got Better - App Out Now

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Download the new Studiosity App to get the most out of your free service that comes with your Randwick City Library membership!

To use the App, log into Studiosity as you normally would, via this page and create a unique pin code to link your account. Open the app and enter your code. You’re all set!

With the app, you can:

Save a question for later
You can now save a question anywhere, anytime! Even when you're offline (or you're in the middle of a class or on the bus), jot down your questions and save them for when you're ready to Connect Live to a specialist.

Snap a photo
Upload a photo as part of a question, or in-session - simple and quick.

Get notified when your files are ready to collect
Push notifications and in-app messaging will alert you when your draft review is ready to view.

...And more! 
Chat back and forth with specialists just like texting; use Voice-To-Text to preserve thumb power; review past sessions and submissions on your phone; and more features rolling out in 2018.

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