"Back Yourself!" the Catch Cry to this Epic Space Adventure

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Join special guest Tracey Dickson as she discusses her debut children's story Will Hallam Hop 2 Mercury at our Totally Random Book Clubs on:

About the Book

Will Hallam Hop 2 Mercury is a space-based adventure for Will, his best friend Amy and her wise-beyond-his-years English sheepdog, Pat. Based on the bond between Tracey, her brother and sister, Will Hallam is an enchanting story that encourages kids to experience adventure and fearlessly visit the unknown.

Blasted into space on a shampoo bottle Will, Pat and Amy find magical powers lie within everyday items such as a wristband, a headband and i3. dog collar. 

Our band of adventurers cross paths with farting planets, experience an intergalactic snowball fight with snow people and meet a colony of aliens all while learning to survive on the Fountain of Fused Flavoured Bubbles. Is Will's trusty magnifying glass the key to unlocking the mysteries of the galaxy, or is it simply the resourcefulness and teamwork of Will and his gang?

About the Author

If ever there were truer words - sometimes bright lights come from the darkest places - then it lies at the heart of Tracey Dickson's debut children's story Will Hallam Hop 2 Mercury, which was inspired by the tragic death of her brother. Tracey enjoyed an incredibly close bond with her brother William - he was her best friend and confidant. At 42 he was diagnosed with cancer but lost his valiant battle just four short months later. Reeling in wake of the tragic loss, and under siege by grief, it was only the wonderful, joyous memories of her beloved brother that offered a semblance of relief. Knowing that the pen is mightier than .the sword Tracey wrote to immortalise the joy that William gave to so many. The Will Hallam series is dedicated to Tracey's brother William, who lived every day as an adventure - "Back Yourself!"

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