Business use of public spaces

Commercial activities in a public space

Under the Local Government act 1993 - sect 68 to engage in a trade or business on community land managed by Council you need to obtain approval. Many people approach Council wishing to carry out a commercial activity in a park, street or beach. Many of these ideas are innovative however it is Council's responsibility to manage land in accordance with the core objectives. Under legislation the core objectives for a park are to:

  • Encourage, promote and facilitate recreational, cultural, social and educational pastimes and activities,
  • Provide for passive recreational activities or pastimes and for the casual playing of games,
  • Improve the land in such a way as to promote and facilitate its use to achieve the other core objectives for its management.

Many areas particularly the coastal reserves and beaches are already very popular and intensely used. These areas are also most often well serviced by close by commercial activities and facilities.

Further to this if the need for a commercial service or activity is identified Council is obliged to undertake the appropriate procurement process for that service or activity most likely a tender or expression of interest process.

There are a number of businesses that have gone through a process to be allowed to carry out a business activity in a park or on a beach. Generally these have operated under a lease or licence which has been obtained through a competitive process.

Policy on the use of Council Reserves by Commercial Fitness Groups and Personal trainers

Commercial fitness trainers conducting group fitness sessions on Council controlled public land, such as beaches, parks and reserves require a Council approved commercial training permit.

Randwick City Council recognises the importance of a healthy and active community and supports commercial training activities. The need to manage commercial training activities on public land in Randwick City has been prompted by the increase in demand and use of open space by local commercial trainers.

The permits will provide Council with a means of monitoring open space use and ensuring the future sustainability of our parks and beaches for all users.

The policy aims to:

  • ensure equitable access to Council's public areas
  • minimise the impact of the activities on both the areas themselves and other users, and
  • to address public liability concerns.

Randwick Council's Policy on the use of Council Reserves by Commercial Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers PDF, 106.94 KB details the requirements by Council when public open space is used by commercial fitness groups and personal trainers.

Frequently asked questions can be found on the Fitness Policy Information Sheet PDF, 101.42 KB

Commercial Fitness Trainers that are currently licensed to carry out classes and their approved designated locations can be found on the Approved List of Personal Trainers PDF, 234.78 KB.

Maps of the areas designated for fitness in the beachside areas can be found on the Maps of Designated Areas in Beachside Suburbs PDF, 16377.34 KB.

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