Environmental reporting

State of the Environment Reports

Randwick City Council's annual State of the Environment Report provides an overview of the current condition of our built and natural environment with a focus on responses underway by Council to improve and protect the natural ecosystems and local processes on which life depends.

It is an appendix to the State of the City Report, and aims to inform the key environmental directions adopted primarily within our 20-year City Plan for Outcome 10, "A Healthy Environment".

The report forms part of Council's Annual Report and is used to support Council's Management Plans.

Environmental baselines and indicators

The State of the Environment Report establishes a wide range of baselines that collectively aim to determine the environmental quality of our City.

Against these baselines, a range of environmental indicators are used to assess trends in environmental quality.

Over time, these trends indicate the Council's success in protecting, managing, developing, restoring, enhancing and conserving the environmental qualities of Randwick City.

View recent reports

You can view recent reports in pdf format:

If you'd like to see older reports please call us on 1300 722 542 or contact us. You can also view these documents at any of the Council libraries.

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