Environmental projects

In 2004, Council approved Randwick's environmental levy which funds our innovative Sustaining our City projects and programs. Approved initially for a five year period to 2009, the levy was continued following extensive consultation with our community and Council for additional five years periods from 2009 and most recently from 2014.

Our environmental levy program and Sustaining our City has enabled Council to deliver a comprehensive approach to implementing sustainability across our community. With up to $4 million available each year, there are 5 key activity areas being progressively expanded through Randwick's Sustaining our City initiative. Over the past 12 months a new emerging activity area has been included to ensure Council responds positively and creatively to community expectations on sustainability.

These broad activity areas forming the basis of Council's approach to sustainability on behalf of its community correspond to the key directions established in our City Plan, and in particular to Outcome 10, A healthy environment.

As the new 5 year environmental levy commences from July 1, 2014, projects will be added including photographs and their results.

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