Your excursion to Randwick Sustainability Hub

It's important to plan your class excursion to the Randwick Sustainability Education Hub ahead of time.

Here's all the info you need about costs, food, clothes, arriving, access, student discipline, weather and cancellations.

What is the cost of the excursion?

This school excursion program is FREE to schools in Randwick City. Those that book lessons in the excursion program receive a refund on their bus transport invoice.

Steps in providing the a tax invoice for bus reinbursment — include:

  • on your school letterhead, your schools ABN, address and contact details
  • banking details
  • invoice number
  • a copy of your bus receipt.

Address your Tax Invoice to Randwick City Council and forward to Randwick Council's Sustainability Education Officer.

What will students bring on the day?

Bring with you to the Hub:

  • healthy 'nude food' morning tea and lunch if you are on a full day program or on a half day afternoon program, there are no catering facilities available on site
  • hat and wet weather gear if needed, wear closed shoes and appropriate clothing
  • any medication if needed.

The Randwick Sustainability Hub is a 'nude food' venue

Plan ahead with your students how to have a waste free healthy morning tea and picnic lunch.

Your nude food lunch containers can be:

  • paper wrap, brown paper recycled bags but no plastic bags or aluminium foil
  • reusable containers that get taken home and washed
  • lunch boxes that have lots of separate sections
  • forks and spoons that get washed and re-used but no plastic cutlery
  • drink bottles with water that can be reused each day.

We don't use these containers at the Hub for safety reasons:

  • glass bottles as they can be easily broken
  • aluminium and steel cans as they can't be resealed.

We'd appreciate if you wouldn't bring or create rubbish during your excursions.

Nude food ideas:

Do you have a risk management plan for your school visit?

Email Fiona Campbell, Council's Sustainability Educator at for a copy of the Risk Management form.

What if it rains? Can we cancel our booking?


if the weather is unpredictable, we are still able to run the excursion under cover; this will provide a meaningful, hands-on experience for students. If raining, please arrange with students to bring adequate wet weather clothes.

If the weather is really unpleasant and if there is a lack of sunlight for the Electricity Rocks lesson we may need to cancel the excursion.


Please give 24 hour prior notice to cancel a booking. We rely on casual education officers and will need to let them know in adequate time to cancel bookings.

How do we get to the Hub?

The Randwick Community Centre is at 27 Munda Street Randwick.

Directions for bus drivers

  • turn off Bundock Street into Hendy Avenue. This will take you through the new housing estate
  • then follow the dog-leg of Hendy Avenue
  • then turn then right into Marida Street and follow the road around to the Community Centre.

Site information

  • there is adequate parking available for buses
  • there is disability access around the site
  • there is a toilet onsite.

What happens on arrival?

  • on arrival, an educator will greet you at the front entry to Council's office
  • arrive approximately 10:00am for a 10:30 start to the lesson or 12:00pm for a 12:30pm start of an afternoon lesson - this will allow students time to visit the toilet and have a bite to eat before the lesson begins
  • there is space for the buses to park in the car parking area.


The venue has disability access and toilets onsite. All paths on site are well maintained to reduce trip hazards. All landscaping has been well designed and constructed for easy access.

Student discipline

The responsibility for student conduct during the school excursion remains with the school teachers. Randwick City Council staff are not responsible for disciplining students during the excursion.

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