Rainwater tanks

Save water & money with a rainwater tank

Why install a rainwater tank?

Water conservation is currently a leading issue in Australia. Australian residential areas use an average of 300,000 litres of water per household each year.

Information from Sydney Water shows the most significant uses of water around the home are:

  • lawns and gardens: 25%
  • showers: 24%
  • washing machines: 16%
  • toilet flushing: 16%

Of all the water that is treated to drinking water quality standards in Australia only around 1% is actually used for drinking.

Uses such as toilet flushing do not require such a high standard of water and by using rainwater tanks to supply the water we can contribute towards reducing the pressure on our limited water resources, as well as help manage stormwater run-off.

Rainwater can be used to supplement almost half the water used around your house. Rainwater collected from the roof into a rainwater tank that has a first flush device fitted may be used for:

  • toilet flushing
  • washing machines (specific washing machines: cold water only)
  • gardening
  • washing the car
  • topping up swimming pools

Note: Some roofing materials or paints used in the rainwater collection area can contaminate tank water. Speak with your rainwater tank supplier about testing roofing materials.

For more information on rainwater tank health guidelines and maintenance, visit the Rainwater Tanks section of the NSW Health website.

Rainwater tanks in the community

Randwick Council's Rain Water Tank Policy (pdf 30Kb) requires all new developments (residential, commercial and industrial) to consider installation of a rainwater tank.

Visit the Saving Water section of the Sydney Water Website for more information including:

  • choosing the right size tank for maximum environmental and economic benefits
  • connecting your tank to the mains for topping-up
  • different rainwater tank materials
  • the cost of rainwater tanks
  • other ways to save water around the home and garden

Installing a rainwater tank may be an Exempt Development if various conditions are met. Refer to Exempt Development Guide Codes for more information.

Rainwater tanks for schools

In addition to Council's own efforts to catch rainwater in tanks and re-use stormwater run-off, we have extended an offer to contribute to rainwater tanks installed at our local schools.

More than 12,000 litres of rainwater tank installations in Randwick schools have been installed with students also taking time out in their curriculum to learn more about water conservation and other water re-use options.

Please refer to the school sustainability grants webpage for current rebates provided.

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