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Our Energy Future comes to Randwick!

Live or work in Randwick City Council area? Going solar has never been easier!

Our Energy Future

Randwick City Council and Our Energy Future have partnered to get a great deal on solar for you.Find out if solar is right for you with an obligation-free quote from a Council-backed supplier, call Our Energy Future on 1300 339 915 or sign up at

The services Our Energy Future provides are:

  • referral pathways to different energy efficiency and renewable energy products
  • information sessions
  • workshops
  • home energy assessments

“Our Energy Future” is an initiative of a group of local Councils aiming to link residents directly to energy saving lights, insulation, solar panels and battery storage suppliers. For residents who want to better understand their energy usage, “Our Energy Future” also provides a specially developed app which can be used to carry out your own energy assessment and identify the best energy saving measures for your home or unit.

Finding a supplier that you can trust has always been tricky in an industry where new companies and products pop up every day. Our Energy Future has done the hard work for you, researching suppliers of different products to assess which one offers the best quality, service and price. Information on this will also be covered in the session.

As part of the service, we also offer trustworthy advice and the confidence to link our customers up to carefully selected suppliers of energy efficiency and renewable energy products. We only work with suppliers after conducting a thorough procurement process, so that we can be confident that we are offering high-quality products and services, at a great price from a company we can trust. We work with the Alternative Technology Association to ensure our suppliers offer good quality products, excellent customer service, value for money and that meet Australian conditions and standards.

Randwick City Council has teamed up with the independent energy experts at Our Energy Future to assist you in looking at how to make your home more energy efficient, whilst also considering the benefits of solar. Tailored information sessions are being held for residents on “Our Energy Future” at Bowen Library.

This information session will help you:

  • Understand how you can make your home more energy efficient
  • Identify the technologies and products are available
  • Understand how solar works
  • Make sense of all the hype around solar with battery storage
  • Find out how Our Energy Future selects their supplier and why it takes the hard work out of getting quotes

Book NOW!

Information session Dates and Times:

Lionel Bowen Library, Vonnie Young Auditorium 669 Anzac Parade, Maroubra

If you can’t make it to the session you can still call Our Energy Future for advice on 1300 339 915 or visit the website otherwise look forward to see you there!

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