[CANCELLED] Plant With Us Program

Fri 17 Sep 2021 - Fri 17 Sep 2021

8.30 am - 1 pm

Arthur Byrne Reserve, Maroubra
Arthur Byrne Reserve, Maroubra

Come join Randwick’s Greening Our City project and help green our City with native and indigenous vegetation.

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Take part! @ COMMUNITY PLANTING DAY celebration

PLANT WITH US – Randwick Council’s Greening Our City project is part of the community planting celebration. Join us on Friday 17 September to start the celebration with action. Please note there are 2 sessions at

We’d love you to join us and help with greening our City! This year, we’re creating endless opportunities for you to get involved in planting trees and groundcovers. Bring your family, bring your friends, get your hands dirty and learn about the plants and how they help create important habitats for our small insects, birds and even a few lizards.

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You can help us on our mission to help save the Earth by planting more and more trees. As trees grow, they can help in our efforts to reduce climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees provide so many benefits that we take for granted every single day.


**Please remember to wear sturdy shoes, a hat, long sleeves and long pants and Please be COVID SAVE and bring your own gloves and a water bottle. **

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