Youth Advisory Committee

A voice for Randwick's young people

The Youth Advisory Committee provides a forum for young people to have a say on community issues that affect them and their peers and to provide input into Council's youth policy development.Randwick City Council - Randwick Youth CouncilRandwick City Council - Randwick Youth Council

Randwick City Council - Randwick Youth Council

The Youth Advisory Committee is also a discussion forum for young people (aged 15 to 25 years), youth related and/or local area organisation representatives.

View the Terms of Reference (pdf 18Kb) for Randwick Youth Council.

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

An opportunity to be heard within Council, expand networks and advocate for local youth matters.

Youth Advisory Committee members are:

  • aged 15 - 25 years who live, study and/or work in Randwick LGA; or
  • over 25 years who work/volunteer in local youth related services

Committee members are required to:

  • attend regular meetings
  • contribute to organising youth events
  • offer advice to Council - such as current priorities, issues and needs
  • promote and encourage participation through networks and supporting events

Benefits to members:

  • Professional development and regular training opportunities
  • Have your say in Council policy, planning and other matters relating to young people
  • Expand your network

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the Youth Community Projects Officer on 0419 846 910 or


  • To provide an on line forum to raise issues of concern affecting young people (12-25 years) in the Randwick Local Government Area (LGA).
  • To promote improved access to Council facilities and services for young people and recommend how their needs may be satisfied
  • To provide young people with a greater understanding of the role of Local Government and how they can participate in the decision making process


  • To assist Council in the identification of current interests of young people (aged 12-25 years) in the Randwick LGA
  • To support and promote activities and special projects which relate to young people living in or visiting Randwick City
  • To encourage student and young people's participation in Council's activities and community service initiatives
  • To assist Council in effective policy development through the provision of advice
  • To assist in planning for youth events such as Youth Week

Youth Advisory Committee Minutes

For further enquiries or information please contact: Tania Krasinski, telephone 02 9093 6678, email

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