School drop off safety

To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, Council is taking a number of public health precautions including closing many of our facilities. In addition, many Council events and activities are cancelled. Please visit our COVID-19 page to see what is impacted and for more details about how coronavirus is impacting Randwick City.

Road safety around schools in Randwick

The SchoolSafe program was developed to address road safety issues around schools. Everyone can make our roads safer by observing speed limits and parking signs at all times, especially around schools.

The Safety Around Schools PDF, 1380.73 KB brochure provides parents and carers with information about parking signs around schools, the road rules, demerit points for offences and fines associated with school zones. It also includes tips for drivers to improve children's safety around cars near schools.

If your school would like printed copies of the brochures or would like to receive road safety information for your school newsletter, please contact the Council's Community Road Safety Officer.

The RMS website also has useful information for schools about addressing road safety issues.

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