FOGO caddy liners to be delivered to all Randwick City households

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Starting Monday 5 July 2021, all 60,000 homes in Randwick City will receive a pack of 52 compostable caddy liners delivered to their letterboxes to help them collect food waste for their green lid FOGO bin, Randwick Mayor Danny Said announced today.

Delivery of the caddy liners may take up to three weeks to reach all households.

The new FOGO service was launched in Randwick City on 1 March 2021 and has already proven successful with the NSW Government recently mandating all councils to implement a FOGO service by 2030.

“Each week, Randwick City FOGO-ers divert an average of 288 tonnes of food and organic waste from landfill, which is the equivalent of two Olympic-sized swimming pools,” Mayor Said explained.

“Instead of creating greenhouses gases, those scraps are now being turned into compost. The first step in that process happens in the kitchen, when people place their food scraps in their caddy, so we want to encourage people to keep up their great work and keep FOGO-ing on.

“The new liners are the right size and easier to fit in the Council-supplied caddies. Whatever system people have found to help them recycle their food scraps, we’re glad that we can help them on their journey by ensuring they have easy access to compostable caddy liners.”

Caddy liners were due to be delivered to households in June, but because of COVID-related delays to imports, the shipment of liners has only recently been received.

Residents are asked to be patient while delivery takes place. Please contact Council after Monday 26 July 2021 if you haven’t received your replacement caddy liners by then.

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