Council to increase pensioner rebate to offset Environmental Levy

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Randwick City’s pensioner rates rebate will increase to $350 per year from 1 July 2019, should Council’s Environmental Levy continue.

Randwick Council made the decision to increase the rebate at its Council Meeting on 26 March 2019 to help offset rising costs and the impact of continuing Council’s Environmental Levy for another five years.

It’s the second time in 12 months the pensioner rebate has been increased. In July 2018 it was increased from $250 to $325 and should this proposal proceed, it will increase it from $325 to $350.

Randwick Mayor Kathy Neilson said the increase is a small, but positive gesture. “We know the continuation of the Environmental Levy is supported by many in the community, but the cost of the increase is borne by all ratepayers.

“This proposed discount helps offset rising costs by helping those most in need in our community,” Mayor Neilson said.

The Environmental Levy has been in place since 2004 and has helped extend the Coastal Walkway through South Coogee, Malabar Headland and Cape Banks as well as irrigating coastal parks with recycled stormwater. It also funds Gross Pollutant Traps which improve water quality runoff at our beaches.

A survey sent to every business and residential ratepayer in 2018 revealed 54% of the 5,823 respondents supported the continuation of the levy while a telephone survey of 600 random and representative residents and ratepayers found 72% support for the levy.

The levy costs the average ratepayer $91.49 per year or 25 cents a day.
The Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal is currently considering Council’s application to continue the levy and is expected to make a decision in May 2019.

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