Compostable dog poo bags available for all Randwick City pooches

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Sustainability & Environment
Compostable dog poo bags

Randwick Council has bagged another win for the environment and is one of the first councils in New South Wales to provide compostable dog poo bags at 30 parks and dog off-leash areas in Randwick City.

The new bags are made of plant-based materials which break down leaving no toxic residue or microplastics in the environment. Previous bags were biodegradable plastic bags made from petroleum, which break down, but leave microplastics.

“Council has taken a strong stance against single-use plastic, banning its use in Council operations and this is an extension of that approach,” said Randwick Mayor Kathy Neilson.

“We have already banned plastic bags, drink bottles and drinking straws from all Council operations and events, in order to reduce the amount of plastics pollution and microplastics entering landfill as well as our oceans and ecosystems.

“I know many people within our community are looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives and we wanted to assist them by providing dog poo bags that minimise environmental impact.”

The new bags are available now from 62 dispensers across Randwick’s parks and reserves.

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