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Clovelly Rd Intersection

As you may be aware, we're currently undertaking a Clovelly Road Masterplan, which involves talking to the community and gathering ideas about what needs improving in the Clovelly village area and along Clovelly Road. We are currently collating community responses and working on draft plans.

In the meantime, we have been offered the opportunity to take advantage of a grant through Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) that will allow us to to fast-track some much-needed safety improvements at the intersection of Clovelly Road and Fern and Mount Streets. This intersection was identified during the  Masterplan consultation as one area that needs safety improvements.

The RMS grant gives us the opportunity to expedite works on Clovelly Road, even though our masterplan is not yet complete. Should our masterplanning process identify other improvements in this area, these could still be implemented at a later time.

What will happen?

This grant will allow us to improve road safety at the intersection of Clovelly Road at Fern and Mount Streets. We will:

  • raise the existing pedestrian crossing onto a platform, which will help significantly slow down vehicles passing though this area and make pedestrians more visible.
  • move the pedestrian crossing slightly away from the cross streets to improve the visibility of pedestrians, for motorists who are turning.
  • install new signage and line-marking on approach to the crossing.
  • install new landscape plantings close to the crossing to improve the streetscape amenity.

During construction there will be some minor impacts to local traffic flow and parking. Work on this project is scheduled to commence soon and should be completed within a few weeks.

If you have any questions, please email or call 1300 722 542.

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