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Most people know about the regular services Council offers each month. You know we pick up your garbage, empty public bins, sweep the streets, upgrade footpaths and roads, and maintain parks and sports fields. But in addition to all of these regularly scheduled services, we receive numerous requests from residents to help in a variety of ways. This past month, in June alone, we received 2,859 requests from residents about various issues. Here’s some of what you asked us to get done!

June by the numbers

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Abandoned vehicles
We received 91 requests in June to look into abandoned vehicles. That’s three requests each day. An abandoned vehicle request can take time – we need to be sure the vehicle is abandoned and not just left while the owner has gone on a long holiday. We look into registration status and investigate thoroughly to allow the owner plenty of time to contact us. A number of these cases are still on going.

Graffiti removal
In our service agreement we aim to remove reported graffiti within five days. And in June we received 52 requests to remove graffiti from public or private property.

Mattress pick up
We received 107 requests to pick up dumped mattresses during the month of June. We recycle all of the mattresses we pick up, so if you have a mattress that you need to get rid of, please book in a pick-up with us rather than dump it. We’re happy to come and get it!

Dumped rubbish
We’re happy to pick up rubbish when needed – just book a pick up and we’ll get it done! In June we received 799 requests to pick up dumped rubbish. That’s more than 26 requests each day. No need to dump it without reporting – a Council clean up can easily be logged on our website.

Signs reported
We received 65 notifications of broken, stolen, vandalised or damaged signs in the Randwick City area that needed to be repaired.

Pothole report
We aim to fix all reported potholes within three days, but sometimes it can take a little longer. We received 75 notifications of potholes in our local government area that needed to be fixed in the month of June.

Unleashed or loose dogs
Our rangers received 25 reports of unleashed or loose dogs that they looked into last month.

Nature strip maintenance
We received 27 requests to mow or maintain public nature strips.

Our council area is a busy one – it’s big and densely populated – so there’s always a lot of work to be done! We do our best to keep up with the demand and appreciate your help reporting problems when they exist.

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